Mystery Flora Addendum: Perhaps They Begin Green?

We’ve definitely got a hellebore on our hands. Which species is the question. I’m not sure if our translucent beauties are the same species as the new ones that popped up right in their vicinity, but these are definitely fresh and healthy. Here’s a pretty pair (with a bit of Boo for scale):

Image shows a green flower that resembles our transluscent ones quite closely. There is one taller flower and one that has barely emerged from the earth. Boo is standing behind them: the tallest flower only comes up to her hip.
Mystery Flora I

They’re so new they’re still covered in earth!

Our neighbors down the street have a whole bed full of them. They’re really quite lovely.

Image shows several of the flowers growing together. They are a pale green.

I’ve got a ton more photos on Flickr, including some much better views of our young pair.

I’ll keep an eye on them and see if they turn sort of clear at the end of their life cycle. In the meantime: which species do you think they might be?

Mystery Flora Addendum: Perhaps They Begin Green?

One thought on “Mystery Flora Addendum: Perhaps They Begin Green?

  1. rq

    I think you have at least three different species. Note how this green one also has touches of purply-red around the edges, it’s marvellous!
    There’s two green hellebores that I came across, Helleborus viridis and H. dumetorum, but it’s hard to say which one you have here.

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