Saturday Song: Uplifting

There are songs that can put us back together when we feel shattered. Songs that inspire us to pick up and keep going, songs that give us hope. This one lately has become one of my go-tos. It’s beautiful in its own right. It’s even more beautiful when I need to hear a reminder that I’m actually not as damaged as I think I am.

Which song gives you a hand up when you need it?

Image shows a woman's hands making a heart over the setting sun, with a seascape beyond. Everything has a golden hue.

Saturday Song: Uplifting

11 thoughts on “Saturday Song: Uplifting

  1. rq

    I don’t listen to uplifting songs.
    OKAY OKAY that’s a lie. The real problem is that I listen to them, but I can’t name them when asked. :P
    So there’s Not a Pretty Girl and 32 Flavours by Ani diFranco, annnd I suppose Tom Waits’ Looking for the Heart of Saturday counts in a way, but I’m going to link to these two songs as the winners (sorry, it’s got to be the two!):
    Pinch Me by the Barenaked Ladies, and Pot Belly by Freshlyground.

  2. 8

    So many possibilities. So often songs uplift me but going to go with this :

    U2’s Pride tribute to Martin Luther King.

    Yeah, sorry, I was a U2 tragic many years ago ..and still so many good memories and feelings they invoke. Naff as maybe.

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