Reveal That Metazoan! Red Jelly Edition

I’ve finally pulled my categorized photos off the external hard drive, yay! Now we have lotsa material to work with. We’ll start with a metazoan, as we haven’t done one of those in half of forever.

One of the things I found most charming about Pacific Northwest beaches was the jellyfish washing up. There are little round clear ones that sparkle in the sun like a beach full of diamonds. And then there are these much larger, rarer red ones.

Image shows a transparent red jellyfish with a hole in its center, beached on a lot of rounded gravel, with green seaweed around it.
Mystery Metazoan I

They have a really rich hue, especially from certain angles.

Image shows the jelly from the side. The rocks beneath it are just barely visible beneath it. It's got a deep orange-red color, and a very glossy-smooth texture.
Mystery Metazoan II

(And yes, all the little beach rocks around it are completely wonderful as well.)

It may not seem like much compared to the vastness of the sea and the Sound…

Image is zoomed out to show the jelly on the beach, with the Sound in the background.
Mystery Metazoan III

…but its color is huge.

Image shows another one of the jellies. It's on smaller beach rocks, with a lot more seaweed around it. The sun is shining on it, making it a much deeper red with red-orange highlights.
Mystery Metazoan IV

These beauties are about the size of a saucer. They can be found all through the summer, and possibly even winter, although I’ve never seen one around past early fall. Then again, I am a complete whimp when it comes to the cold, so I’m not often out wandering the beaches in the winter months. Any idea what species they are?

Reveal That Metazoan! Red Jelly Edition
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