Secular Forced-Birth Fans Thoroughly Schooled

There are few people in the world I find more irritating than secular pro-lifers. I mean, religious right-wing anti-abortion activists at least have the excuse of indoctrination. Secular folks should be able to reason without getting misty-eyed over a clump of cells. But there’s a group that fetishizes fetuses above all else. They pretend, occasionally, to care about the women forced to carry said fetuses, but those women are secondary to their desire to populate the earth with bouncing babies. And they have a remarkable amount of magical thinking going on. They believe a world without abortion will be some kind of utopia where men will take care of those darling little bebbies, and women are never ever tricked or forced into becoming pregnant, and the only problem they see is that since everything will be so wonderful, there will be no way to terrorize teens into never having sex.

Think I exaggerate? Read Angie Jackson’s series, which quotes their words and thoroughly demolishes each inane idea.

Part 1:

In which we are told abortion is a great injustice to the wee clump o’ cells growing inside a uterus (which, according to them, can only ever belong to a woman, cuz apparently trans men and nonbinary folk do not exist in their world), and abortion makes teh ladiez just like men.

Part 2:

In which pregnancy is a gladiatorial competition between woman and fetus – but only cuz of abortion!

Part 3:

In which the patriarchy has apparently only existed since Roe vs. Wade.

Part 4:

In which fathers only abandon their children and children’s mother because abortion is legal.

Part 5:

In which men will step up if we make women suffer badly enough to make them feel guilty – although that’s never worked in the past.

Part 6:

In which it will take a village to raise those unwanted children – a village that in reality will actually tell the mom and kid to fuck off, because unwanted.

Part 7:

In which secular forced-birth fans sound exactly like all those Christians wanting to fill the earth with babies because God said to be fruitful and multiply.

Part 8:

In which pro-forced-birthers are unsure as to how teenagers will be terrorized into not playing with each others’ naughty bits.

Part 9:

In which Angie hammers the final nails into the coffin of secular pro-forced-birthers’ arguments.

Image is a gray background with a dark pink sunburst pattern at the top. A black silhouette of a pregnant female-presenting person is filled with the words, "Women are complete HUMAN beings, not potential mothers. Motherhood is just an option."

Secular Forced-Birth Fans Thoroughly Schooled

3 thoughts on “Secular Forced-Birth Fans Thoroughly Schooled

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    In which it will take a village to raise those unwanted children – a village that in reality will actually tell the mom and kid to fuck off, because unwanted.

    I once had a neighbor, a fiscally conservative, non-religious lover of Ronald Reagan (even though he was gay – go figure), who said, “I don’t want my tax dollars used to pay for other people fucking”. I then said, “How many more of your tax dollars will be spent when that unwanted child grows up, commits crimes, and goes to prison?” That shut him up for the rest of that day, but it wasn’t even a month before he was moaning again about paying for “other people fucking”.
    Right-wing nuts never learn.

  2. 3

    When pregnant women feel they must resort to abortion for the sake of career goals, pregnant women’s genuine contributions to society are deemed insufficient to win society’s rewards

    This is the worst thing I’ve read in a while.
    It basically says my one and only genuine contribution I can make to society is having babies. Those kids I teach, whose lives I’m trying to improve? Not worth a thing. The impact I have on the lives of my loved ones who are not my kids? Fuck them. Oh, and the fact that I actually like the things I’m doing? Well I must be wrong. Probably brainwashed by society to think that those things give me pleasure and satisfaction.
    Is reproductive work undervalued? No argument there. But no matter how much it is valued, I’ll never willingly remain pregnant or give birth. Fuck that shit.

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