Some Questions for Ye

Topix! You gave me lotsa topix! Thankyouthankyou! And I swear I’ll stop pestering you for input (temporarily), but I still haz questions for ye:

1. Do you want to continue with our Escape reviews, or do you want me to sum up the rest of the book rather quickly and then do weekly-ish reviews for a different book every time?

2. What feminism/social justice type things do you want me to explore?

3. Along those lines, would you like me to post here about my adventures in finding out that femme stuff is fucking awesome and that the patriarchy has been lying to us about it our whole lives? And that it turns out that femme stuff can help some people cope with depression? This will involve very sparkly nails.

4. Speaking of depression, would you like me to write more about mental illness? Because oh, the stories I could tell…

5. And, finally: what Patreon incentives would you like me to offer?

All right, that’s the last of my pestering for now. I’m going to be posting a bit light this week – probably highlighting other awesome articles I’ve been seeing and a bit of fiction and such – because I’m on a huge writing-by-hand marathon right now. I’ve written about a short story that scared the shit out of me as a kid, which came to mind because I recently found out the author was one of the most badass women of the Victorian age. I’m working on an ACE post, because we haven’t evicerated that nonsense in far too long. I’m gearing up to reboot The Cataclysm, which I can hopefully finish this year. I’m three chapters and an outline in to our next Really Terrible Bible Stories installment, and hope to be a third of the way through the first draft by the end of the week. I’ve got to get my Patreon set up. And I’m carving out some time to write fiction and take a break. Ambitious!

Don’t worry about Misha being neglected. She’s being a big help. Look, she even stays on top of my work for me!

Image shows Misha lying on a yellow folder, giving the camera a superior look.
She da Boss

Right, then. I’m off to scratch some items off that gargantuan to-do list. Thank you for your input, my darlings!

Some Questions for Ye

11 thoughts on “Some Questions for Ye

  1. 1

    Okay, first of all, your productivity is impressive and inspiring! Hats off to you because if I try to get work done from home, I end up lying in a hammock eating cookies.

    1. Yes, please continue the chapter-by-chapter reviews of Escape! I loved this book and am so glad that you insisted that everyone read it.
    2. …all the things? Basically keep up the good work.
    3. It sounds like you want to show us some very sparkly nails, so of course you should!
    4. Again, sounds like something you want to/are ready to talk about, and it’s also something that’s important to talk about, so yes.
    5. Getting to pick the topic for a post is always a good one, and maybe setting you a flash fiction writing prompt? Can pet rock blessing be done remotely? :)

  2. rq


    Can pet rock blessing be done remotely?

    This can work as a single post (a generic blessing text, blessed by Dana, that can be read out loud by anyone to bless their favourite pet rock(s)) and it can work as a series of posts (people send in photos of pet rocks to be blessed, and Dana blesses them – one by one, mind you, not en masse!).

  3. 6

    I’m mildly amused that anyone yet considers this a question with a case to be made. I vaguely recall some years ago, the first time i saw just the word itself, and my only thought was, “Oh.” It’s definitely an interesting thing if you choose to look into it, though.

  4. 8

    Not exactly what you are asking for, but I enjoyed the musical interlude. I couldn’t help noticing a wide range of music, and that some people couldn’t resist submitting multiple songs.
    Maybe this could become a semi-regular thing, broken down by genre – folk, blues, jazz, etc, or by topic – tearjerkers, protest songs, love songs, etc.
    Nothing wrong with just leaving it wide open, either.

  5. 9

    @ ^ Lithified Detritus : I’d second that musical interlude suggestion.

    Dana all those things sound good to me and happy to read however and (almost) whatever you’d like to blog about here.

    For (1) Do you want to continue with our ‘Escape reviews,” my answer is definitely yes but also would love read your weekly book reviews too so guess I’m being greedy here!

    If I could put in any requests please – and I can see your already overworked so completely understand if you can’t oblige – I’d love to see you write more astronomy especially your thoughts on Pluto and Ceres and some of the other planetary geology wonders we’ve been uncovering lately plus I always love your botanical and avian mysteries even if they’re always well outside my Aussie identification jurisdiction.

    I guess its not really that helpful feedback~wise (& yeah, I’m also pretty late to the party here, sorry) but I’m happy to read all and any of your suggestions here.

  6. 10

    @2. katybe : I wonder – rather morbidly, sorry – given geological timescales whether the Anthropocene will count as an epoch or maybe just another mass extinction spike much like the KT boundary layer? Characterised by geologically sudden huge spike in global planetary temperatures, the sudden appearance of a lot of plastics and weird chemical abundances and a few lonely footprints on our nearest natural satellite and the odd drifting spaceprobes out in The Black as well as ghost signals from long dead shows and broadcasts whispering across the gulfs of space.

    I hope though that we can do better, last longer and leave and create better legacies and imprints on the cosmos than that.

  7. 11

    As to femme stuff, some feminists may be averse to it because they don’t want to endorse what they consider unflattering stereotypes of their sex.

    In this context, I remember once asking if one can be a good feminist if one likes pretty clothes, skirts, dresses, fancy hairstyles, makeup, and jewelry. I got a response saying that I forgot lingerie the color of strawberries and cream.

    I also got some argument over high-heeled shoes. Some “femme” stuff is indeed awkward, and some feminists have a conspiracy theory that this is a way for sexist men to keep women under control.

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