The Solution to Our Challenge!

Our first UFD turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected. Identifying birb blogs in real life is obviously much simpler than identifying them from a photo. It requires a little extra information. After some small hints, you got it! Tis a Great Blue Heron indeed!

Image shows the silhouette of a Great Blue Heron sitting on the bare branches of a tree. Its back is to us, but it's identifiable by its shape and its bill, as it has turned its head to the side.
Great Blue Heron chillaxing.

When I saw this birdie perched off in the distance, it looked like it could be an eagle or similar at first, but then I saw the messy fringes of feathers and said, “I’ll bet that’s a heron.” And then it obligingly turned its head so I could get a look at its bill, and I was all, “Yup, Great Blue Heron for definite sure.” They’re super-common around here, enough that even a hopelessly bad birder like me can usually spot ’em.

For extra viewing pleasure, here is Mount Rainier with some willows.

Image shows a silhouette of weeping willows and birch trees. Mount Rainier is visible just past the lake in the background.
Rainier and Willows.

And yes, Magnuson Park is quite lovely, and you should come visit me, and we’ll go.

The Solution to Our Challenge!

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  1. rq

    I like how dishevelled herons usually look, those little wispy hairs sticking out like they only just bothered getting out of bed. :D
    Beautiful evening shots, the delicate colours and the delicate branches!

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