Hola, 2016! What Are We to Do With You?

Well, my darlings, we have made it to the future! Most of us should be giving 2016 the inquiring eyeball by now, wondering what it’s got in store. Some of us may be busy trying to tackle fresh resolutions whilst being horribly hungover. And, for some, it’s bidness as usual. However you’re spending the day, I hope it’s at the very least acceptable.

I’ve only two resolutions for this year:

  1. Write as much as possible.
  2. Continue being an adequate cat warmer.

All of the rest of my life flows from these two things, including keeping you entertained and informed, my beloved readers.

Now, to get a good start on the year, I’m going to ask you for topics. I mean, there’s a ton of stuff I can write about. I’ve already got much planned. But I want to know what you want. I’d like to do more reader requests. And having you make requests would be especially helpful, as I have embarked upon fiction again, and half the time now have my head buried so deep in my story world that I draw a blank when I attempt to think of this one.

You can recommend pretty much anything: geology, science in general, religious nonsense, atheism, social justice, writing (fiction and non), and many other things. Do try to avoid most sports, because I haven’t any interest in them (although if the Seahawks somehow end up winning another Super Bowl, I might just get round to finishing that series on their championship rings). We can talk about Quidditch. Possibly horse racing. If it involves balls, though, you’re probably on your own.

So, think about it, and leave your requests here, and I’ll reach into the bag and rummage around and see what I can do. No promises, alas. I’m not sure which subjects will make my brain go badabing and which will make it go sproing at this point. It’s early times yet.

I now leave you with the traditional silly New Year’s photo (link to the animated version):

Image shows me doing the rock star hands by Dave Crockett's car. I've used Blingee to add a wizard's hat (black with gold stars), some confetti and streamers, a disco ball, a kitten with a noisemaker, and a Feliz Ano Nuevo stamp.
Happy New Year 2016!

And the traditional singsong:

And a new singsong:

And the best blessing, courtesy of the Scottish:

May the best you’ve ever been be the worst you’ll ever see.

Happy 2016, my darlings!

Hola, 2016! What Are We to Do With You?

6 thoughts on “Hola, 2016! What Are We to Do With You?

  1. rq

    Laimīgu Jauno gadu and Jaunu Laimīgo gadu!
    May your words be sharp and your vocabulary pointed, and may all poetry wars dissolve into ink at your victory.
    Or something like that! I’ll think of ideas for blogging later. :)
    Much love and many, many, many thanks for doing what you do!!! ♥

  2. 4

    And Happy New Year to you as well Dana!

    Writing suggestion: Give us more on the Cascadia Subduction Zone and “The Big One” we keep hearing cutesy snippets about on the commercial news (and even OPB/NPR fer chrissakes!). We need the real scoop from a cat warmer who knows!


  3. 5

    My idea: write about what the Earth’s past would likely have looked like from someone visiting them with a time machine. I’ve done a bit of that myself, I must concede.
    * Like watching a Glacial Lake Missoula dam break and the lake’s water making a huge flood of the Columbia River (14 thousand years ago).
    * Or visiting the Mediterranean Sea when it was blocked off from the Atlantic Ocean, making it the hot and dry Mediterranean Basin (5.5 million years ago).
    * Or visiting central Washington State when the Columbia Plateau flood-basalt eruptions were happening (35 mya).
    * Or the Chesapeake impact event (35 mya), the Chicxulub impact event (65 mya), the Vredefort impact event (2023 mya), or a possible Greenland event (~3000 mya) or others.

    The descriptions could include “Where was everybody’s ancestors back then?” Not just human ones, but ancestors of various familiar flora and fauna. Also where the continents were, including mention of what present-day land did not exist back then.

  4. 6

    Seconded by me. Well writ rq.

    Farewell year of New Horizons at Pluto and welcome year of Juno at Jupiter amongst so much more.

    Wishing y’all here clear skies and all the very best for the New Year. Thankyou Dana Hunter.

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