Mystery Flora: Orange Clarinets

I’ll have a special treat for you once you identify this one.

Anyway, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do for this week’s mystery, so I put out a poll on Facebook and G+. It came back Mystery Flora. This is why you should follow me on social media, my loves. You get to vote on things!

This one is from mid-May, when B and I went up to Lord Hill. That’s a really great time to be up on Lord Hill, incidentally – many flowers bursting out all over the place, and everything’s lush and green and splendid. You’ll get to see a few of these singing out around the summit.

Image shows three orange flowers. They're long, narrow, and flare out at the ends like a clarinet.
Mystery Flora I

These aren’t abundant, or at least they weren’t when we were there. I only saw a couple of clusters, and I’m not even sure if some of them are the same flower. This is why I am not in botany today. Okay, I could probably learn how to tell similar flowers apart, but I’m too busy nosing around the rocks. Alas, the rocks at the summit of Lord Hill are mostly covered in vegetation, so I really had no choice but to photograph botany for you.

Image shows one of the flowers up close. It is the color of a navel orange.
Mystery Flora II

It turns out that photographing particular bits of botany is difficult when there are lots of other bits in the way. Like so:

Image shows a different cluster of orange flowers, from a distance. It's barely visible in all the green stuff around it.
Mystery Flora III

Now. Here’s where I’m not sure. I think these may be the same species of flora, but the top ones don’t have this backing leaf thingy, see.

Image is a crop of the previous, showing the orange flowers, which look similar to the others. But there is a large fan of a leaf behind them, which hadn't appeared on the others.
Mystery Flora IV

They’re very similar, aren’t they? But there’s more in this cluster, and that big fan of a leaf behind, and so I wonder: is this what the top ones look like before they get really old and things start to fall apart? Or are they similar-but-totally-different?

Anyway. Once you’ve identified these, I have some gorgeous photos of the very same thing as that last photo. I found it at Silver Lake near Mount St. Helens. You will love it, and I will throw in a photo of Mount St. Helens gratis, so identify this flower and stay tuned for more!

Mystery Flora: Orange Clarinets

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