The Dana Hunter’s Gneiss Schist Maclargehuge Cyber Monday Sale!

Ohai, it’s time to think about the midwinter gift-giving holidays! Do you have a geologist on your list? Someone who likes pretty rocks and/or volcanoes? A person needing some inspirational stuffage consisting of pretty photos and really bad Bible verses? A reader who could really use a snarky look at the worst bits of Genesis and Exodus? I absolutely have you covered on all fronts! And lots of stuff is discounted TODAY ONLY. Gitchoor shopping done early!

Etsy:Dana’s blessed Holy Schist is back! And so are Gnaughty and Gneiss rock samples! All items are suitable for stuffing into stockings, and are sure to get giggles from the pun-lovers in your circle of acquaintance. Bonus: All Holy Schist contains garnets for the gem-adorers amongst you. If anyone you love has a particular fondness for coal in their stocking, they won’t fail to love Gnaughty or Gneiss decorative samples.

Image shows a box of Holy Schist and a Gnaughty or Gneiss sample card.

Use coupon CYBERMON1 for 10% off through Tuesday.


Red Bubble: Art prints, magnets, stickers, clothing, bags, and a variety of other items await! Choose from gorgeous natural scenes, one wicked-cool chrome skull design, or the Really Terrible Bible Inspirations collection.

Image is a photograph of a line of turtles sunning on a log. It's been rotated vertically, and they are perfectly reflected in the blue water, so it looks like a double stack of turtles. Beside it is a black strip with a vertical caption that says, "Turtles All the Way Down"
“Turtles All the Way Down”

Use coupon CM20 for 20% off through 11/30/2015.


Zazzle: Get very unique Geologist Santa card for the folks on your mailing list!

Image shows a cartoon Santa head, looking pensive. Santa's hat has a rock hammer on the white brim. Thought bubble says, "Gonna find out who's..."
Geologist Santa card cover.
Image is a photo of a lump of coal and a piece of gneiss. They've been filtered as a watercolor. Caption says, "Gnaughty or gneiss."
Card Interior.

Use coupon ZMONDAYSALES for 50% off through 11/30/2015.


And then there’s books! So many books! I’ve now got TWO books available! Click on the image to purchase in the US, or visit the Excerpts Page for links to other countries.

Image is a painting of Abraham, holding a knife to a screaming Isaac's throat, looking incomprehendingly at the cherub that's trying to get his attention. Above is the title Really Terrible Bible Stories. Below is vol. I Genesis, Dana Hunter.
Image is the cover for Really Terrible Bible Stories vol. 2: Exodus. The painting is Charles Sprague Pearce's Lamentations over the Death of the First-Born of Egypt, showing an Egyptian man and woman weeping over the coffin of their infant.














And, of course, if you need help shopping for the bookworms in your circles, you can’t go wrong with Dana’s Super-Gargantuan Book Guides, soon to be updated with spiffy new book recommendations!

Every single purchase you make from any link supports my blogging, too! So if you love my writing and love giving gifts, this is most definitely the place to start.

May your holiday shopping be quick, relatively painless, and leave your wallet with at least some leftover funds. Happy midwinter holidays, my darlings!

The Dana Hunter’s Gneiss Schist Maclargehuge Cyber Monday Sale!