Your Occasional Reminder: All My Social Media Presence!

There’s going to be a lot going on round the cantina this holiday season, my darlings. So much! In fact, I may be so busy that I have to cut back on blogging a bit. Never fear – there are plenty of places where you can get unfiltered Dana and keep up on All the Things. And I have collected all the social media links into one easy page for you, so that you can follow the social media feed of your choice!

I’m spending most of my time on Facebook these days, but if you’re particularly attached to G+ or Tumblr or suchlike, let me know so that I have motivation to post more to those places.

Note: I don’t friend many people on Facebook, and quite often clear the notifications whilst thinking I’ll go through them later, and then completely forget requests are even there. So don’t feel bad if I don’t accept a friend request! Pretty much everything I post is public, and you should be able to follow regardless. Drop me a message if you’re a cantina regular and want to be friended.

A very corny image of me standing against Elephant Rock and pointing up, surrounded by icons for YouTube, Facebook, G+, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.
Moi with social media.
Your Occasional Reminder: All My Social Media Presence!

8 thoughts on “Your Occasional Reminder: All My Social Media Presence!

  1. 4

    All your social media presence are belong to us!

    Well, to some of us anyhow. I never got started using that Twitface or FliGr or whatever you call it. Get off my lawn!

  2. 5

    It looks like your facebook posts are all public but your account doesn’t allow public follows. So I can read them all but I’d have to visit your facebook page every day to do so. I’ve sent a friend request instead. No hard feelings if it’s declined, since I’ve never met you and quite probably never will.

  3. 6

    Ha ha ha silly me, I hadn’t set the control properly. It’s now set up for followers, which doesn’t matter to you, because I also accepted your friend request. :-) Good catch, thank you!

  4. 7

    Yes, ditto. Dana does facebook really well and I follow her there and here on the blog.

    FWIW. I don’t really do G+ – got gmail but rarely look at emails these days (got very slack with that which is bad of me but still) and not on Twitter at all. I’ll also occassionally have the odd computer free day where the machine doesn’t even get turned on at all either through work or choice.

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