Drop Everything and Watch This Orangutan Bottle-Feed Tiger Cubs

Look, you deserve a break. You deserve terminal cuteness. You deserve to watch this orangutan foster baby tigers.

This is apparently a regular thing for the Myrtle Beach Safari orangutans. You can see a longer video here.

Parenting instincts transcend species boundaries. This certainly isn’t the first example, but it’s among the cutest. When that primate started feeding that cub from a bottle, I about melted in a puddle of squee.

Alas, when the cubs’ predatory instincts begin kicking in, they’ll probably have to be separated, but for now, bliss.

Here. It’s going to be a long week, I’m sure. Have some more animal adorableness. Like a cat caring for ducklings:

And a cat nursing hedgehogs:

And, finally, for the dog lovers: a dog nursing kittens. Plus a whole bunch of other odd animal combos:

I gotta go. There’s a lot of dusty onions being cut in here or something. My eyes are watering really bad.

Image shows an orangutan holding a tiger cub cradled in each arm. The cub on the left is chewing gently on its cheek. The orangutan has a perfectly parental expression.
Proud orangutan foster parent shows off its tiger babies.
Drop Everything and Watch This Orangutan Bottle-Feed Tiger Cubs
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6 thoughts on “Drop Everything and Watch This Orangutan Bottle-Feed Tiger Cubs

  1. rq

    BABY HEDGEHOGS! I love how they grow spines before their eyes develop completely.
    We had a hedgehog living around the property but it drowned in our tiny non-fish pond a year and a half ago or so. :( Apparently they’re really bad swimmers.

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