Would You Really Love Those 70 Million Babies, Pro-Lifers?

Two old white men whine about abortion. (Well, they also lie extravagantly, but I just want to address this more commonly-spouted bit):

“’It’s a pile of babies almost 70 million babies tall, mountains and mountains and mountains of babies,’ Jim Bakker said.”

Okay, Jim “Convicted Felon” Bakker. Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about abolishing abortion so all those precious “babies” lived.

Who’s paying for them? Who’s supporting the millions of kids who would’ve otherwise have been aborted because Mommy and Daddy* couldn’t afford them? Who’s paying for their health care, food, shelter, and education through college? Who’s paying for daycare and diapers and all the billion and one things children need to have a successful childhood? Who’s supporting Moms and Dads with social programs meant to keep them from working themselves to death while their children starve because you can’t support even a small family on minimum wage?

That’s not you, because conservatives spend at least as much energy ratfucking the poor and gutting aid programs as they do demanding war and fighting to deny pregnant people any reproductive care.

Who’s going to support those terribly disabled infants who were aborted because they had catastrophic fetal abnormalities? Who’s going to pay their enormous healthcare costs? Who’s going to provide the millions of dollars apiece required to keep them alive on life support? Who’s paying for the funerals when even that’s not enough?

It ain’t gonna be you, I know that. And good luck to anyone who’s not filthy rich. Buh-bye, all the healthy kids who might’ve been born if Mommy and Daddy weren’t trapped in an emotional and financial hell. Buh-bye, college funds and other necessities their existing kids needed, because conservatives wanted this baby to be born even if the only thing it will ever experience is unrelenting agony, but they don’t want to bear the consequences of forcing that choice on the parents.

Who’s going to support the remaining parent when the pregnant one dies in childbirth? Who’s going to help care for the kids left behind? Who’s going to pay for the therapy they need to process their grief?

Not the people who defund every health and human service they can get their hands on, that’s for sure.

Who’s going to pay for the pregnant person’s catastrophic health care expenses after the pregnancy they shouldn’t have been carrying to term nearly kills them? Who’s going to support them when they’re permanently disabled and can’t work? Who’s going to step up to take care of the kids when they’re too sick to even care for themselves?

Definitely not you assholes.

And so far, we’ve talked mostly financial costs, because raising kids these days is atrociously expensive. We haven’t talked about the other, non-monetary costs. We haven’t talked about autonomy and rights and the enormous cost of having your choices forcibly removed from you. We haven’t talked about the kids who will be abused and abandoned because they weren’t wanted, the ones who were never adopted because they weren’t sweet white healthy babies, the ones who will end up discarded by a world that didn’t want them – no, not even the people who loved them ever so much until they took their first breath of air, and then firmly turned away, treating them like vermin for the audacity of being born poor or out-of-wedlock or brown.

Image is titled "Pro-Life" Logic 101. Below the title, on a black background, are two photos. The one on the left is labeled Unborn Babies and shows a fetus in the womb sucking its thumb. The one on the right is labeled Hungry Children from Low-Income Families, and shows a sad little white child staring at an empty plate. Beneath the fetus photo, the caption says, "MUST be born." Beneath the hungry child photo, the caption says, "Oh, I'm sorry you're hungry. Maybe your parents should have thought about that before having a child they couldn't afford." Below that, a final line is centered, and says, "Yes, they really think like this

You don’t give a single shit about those “babies” in reality. You care about the power they give you before they become an unwanted reality. You care about the money that pours in from gullible gits when you weep crocodile tears for them. You care about using them to keep women terrorized and under control, and you care about using them to punish the women who slipped your leash. You might even care about using them and discarding them to keep the capitalist wheels greased and your pockets lined, but you don’t care about them as human beings.

Honestly? If Satan exists, he cares more for those “babies” than you and your God. At least he wants them so badly he’ll do anything to win their souls, and he keeps caring even after they’re born. It’s more than can be said for you.



*Or any combo of parents, same-sex, non-binary, or more than one or two.

Would You Really Love Those 70 Million Babies, Pro-Lifers?

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    Great post. I don’t normally comment, but I see I have literally become a footnote. “Parent(s)” would have worked to include multiple genders and numbers.

  2. 4

    Oh they love the fetuses, its the ‘inner city thugs’ (“here Spot”) they grow up to be that they encourage cops to shoot that they don’t love.

  3. 8

    Well, there would surely be some pretty healthy white babies among all those born who would find a good home. If I remember correctly that’S what happened in the Irish “Mother and Child Homes”: the nuns sold the lovely babies to American couples. The not so lovely ones could go and die.
    Making people have lots of babies is a fail-proof plan to keep them poor and uneducated. Exactly the thing rich people want to remain rich without anybody else ever getting their share, especially not women…

  4. 9

    “Funny how they suddenly care once those kids reach military ageā€¦”
    …And stop caring again when their PTSD renders them barely able to hold a job.

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