Proof of the Rapture!

Look, it really happened! Just like the Real True Christians said it would!

Image shows a pair of orange children's flip-flops in the sand. Each sandal is pointing in an opposite direction.
Evidence of the Rapture, my friends! The end times are upon us!

These shoes, sans owner, were lying forlorn upon the sand at Richmond Beach on September 28th. It can only mean one thing! God has raptured one (possibly nude) child and left the rest of us behind!! You know it’s the Tribulation now because we’re stuck with RTCs for at least the next seven years. If that’s not a trial and tribulation, I don’t know what is.

Proof of the Rapture!

8 thoughts on “Proof of the Rapture!

  1. rq

    I can’t figure out if the picture is a little lost and forlorn (lonely shoes abandoned upon the empty beach) or rather exuberant (shoes flung with exuberance in the headlong rush towards the water).
    Either way, I like it. :) Rapture and all!

  2. 2

    It could be that or (Following your recent dive into Egyptian pandemics IT’S A PLAGUE!!!:
    …as I went for a long unpleasant walk (it being, as I said, a nicely boiling hot, unmerciful-Sun-beating-down sort of a genuine Texan summer’s day) I came upon what I could only think must be the Third Plague—The Plague of Single Shoes Left Right in the Middle the Road!!
    Why else would I find (or rather pass while trying not to notice) three un-paired shoes in the road in the space of a hundred yards or so? They were obviously singlets because they were of different colours and, even to my eyes, of different styles. The only thing they seemed to have in common was that they were ladies shoes—well that and the fact that they were all still soaking wet from all the rain and were quietly steaming. Now, unless there had been the sudden announcement of a ladies-only Long John Silver impersonating convention in Plano or the arrival of a cult of Amazons who weren’t exactly sure what part they were supposed to cut off to qualify, what could it be but the Third Plague of Plano? I resolved to find out!

    Not to plague you with the details but there is more at my The Somewhat-Fewer-than-Ten Plagues of Plano.

  3. 4

    Darren VanDusen,
              considering the etymology of ‘Rapture’ (Compare post-classical Latin raptura poaching, rape) seems exactly what you’d expect!
    I wonder if those raptured fundies will be seized by raptors (classical Latin raptor plunderer, robber, ravisher, abductor < rapt- , past participial stem of rapere to seize (see rape v.2) + -or -or suffix.)

  4. 6

    we’re stuck with RTCs for at least the next seven years. If that’s not a trial and tribulation, I don’t know what is.

    What did Real Time Clocks ever do to you?

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