So a Muslim Kid Builds a Clock, and Atheist “Leaders” Lose Their Shit

The freakout over Ahmed Mohamed’s innocent clock-building project is an excellent example of Islamophobia in action. Iris Vander Pluym has an excellent post showing how too many people in this country freak the fuck out over black Muslim kids doing safe, simple science, while having nothing but praise for white boys who create literal nuclear reactors. Had Nuclear Kid been brown, black, Muslim, or some combination? Poor child probably would’ve been in Guantanamo by the end of the school day.

And now that they’ve been shown up as damned fools, our right wing has been busy spinning the story as hard as they can, trying to pretend that there were nefarious motives behind an excited nerd bringing his clock to school to show one of his teachers. I can no longer be astonished at how far they take this shit. These people have trained themselves to freak out over shadows so much that they scream and flee when someone so much as starts to mention shade. Of course they’re going to pretend that a young teenage Muslim has some convoluted end-game in mind. It’s not surprising so much as depressing.

And what’s uber-depressing is watching famous atheists get in on the act.

Richard Dawkins attacking a 14 year-old kid is a spectacular new low. Am I surprised? I was at first – until I remembered two key facts: the kid is a Muslim and Dawkins is a gigantic asshat with a desperate need for attention. Now it’s all just depressingly predictable.

That Bill Maher is also busy demonizing a sweet nerdy kid because ZOMG MUZLIMMM!! surprises me not at all. He’ll probably have Sam Harris on soon to talk about how the school was right to use this excuse to fuck with a little Muslim boy, and why we need racial profiling in schools.Of course, he won’t say racial profiling – it’ll be some cutesy euphemism – but what he’ll basically mean is, treat all people who “look Muslim” like utter shit.

These three assclowns are considered Teh Serious Atheist Leaders by a distressing proportion of the media, far too many atheist shitlords, and many people who just haven’t been paying enough attention to realize how awful they are.

If you’re following any of these buffoons because you think he’s funny or smart sometimes, you need to reassess. You need to seriously analyze what, exactly, you think they bring to your life that can’t be provided by far better human beings.

And if you think they’re right about Ahmed… GTFO my social media spaces right now. I don’t want you anywhere near me.

Image shows different photos of Maher, Harris, and Dawkins. Caption says, "Call themselves rational. Freak out when a Muslim is involved."

So a Muslim Kid Builds a Clock, and Atheist “Leaders” Lose Their Shit

21 thoughts on “So a Muslim Kid Builds a Clock, and Atheist “Leaders” Lose Their Shit

  1. 1

    My first reaction to the clock story was “omg that’s so racist I’m freaked out that the school would touch that with a seven-foot pole, let alone go there!? Poor fuckin’ kid!”
    I’m failing to understand why or how anyone could have any other reaction…

  2. 4

    scoobie, you do realize that by just posting something Dana has criticized without making any argument for why it should be preferred, you’ve made your comment the equivalent of “Nuh-uh. You!”, right?

  3. 5

    Scoobie, I watched the first 30 seconds:

    The people at the school thought it might be a bomb, perhaps because it looks exactly like a fucking bomb.

    Nobody actually thought it was a bomb. If they had, they would have evacuated the school. So Maher is witty, but wrong. Again.

  4. 6

    Seems to me that Maher completely nails it.

    Like he nailed the vaccination issue…

    Honestly his reasoning in that video is up there with his anti-vax nonsense; facile reasoning, bad “statistics” and baseless speculation are NOT how you do skepticism.

  5. 8

    Oh for pity’s sake its a clock.

    And a really bright (& seemingly pretty nice) kid who happens to be a Muslim .. can we not put this in some sorta perspective and praise & encourage him for being the sort of person we want & need to have in our collective future and not bully and try and crush this person please? Too much to ask? Really? FFS!

  6. 11

    Dear scoobie

    If ANYONE had the slightest thought that it MIGHT really be a bomb there would have been an evacuation and the bomb squad would have been called. Q. E. Fucking D., you asshole.

  7. 15

    Back in the old days I remember one guy who got his hands on someone’s credit card and used it to buy a couple of these:
    and ship them to several people in the US State Department. It was pre-9/11 so there wasn’t a complete and utter freakout but it did result in some people getting visited by black suburbans full of serious people.

    Imagine the utter clucking fuster that would result if someone took one of these perfectly harmless and legal alarm clocks someplace…

  8. 17

    I suppose drone strikes came to mind because they’re contemporary. Obviously the atom bomb was a pretty big explosion by the Americans, but the young adults discussing Islamophobia and racism weren’t alive to remember that.

    Really it’s Maher drinking the koolaid. Even Canada, cultivating a peace-loving international image, has been one of the primary creators of refugees in Syria. It’s our bombers doing the work.

    The bottom line is that anyone who thinks their culture and country are innocent of violence has their head deep in the sand. You can dislike the Middle East for many reasons, but if the one you’re citing is “international violence,” you ought to be at least as wary of literally every government on the planet. Except Costa Rica. They have no military.

  9. 18

    Of course I’m not so naive to think there might be any point presenting a counter-argument within the hallowed walls of FTB! Fuckwit otrame makes that completely clear!! But I thought it might be useful for free-thinkers to see what is being criticized as it wasn’t linked in the article.

  10. 19

    Probably the same Muslims blowing up federal buildings, family planning clinics, and the occasional Olympic park, here in the US. Our inability to find or fabricate a Muslim connection to these crimes only proves how deviously clever they are.

  11. 21

    @ ^ Lesbian Catnip : Bhutan too maybe – a little Himalayan Buddhist kingdom that semi-famouslymeasures its growthin “Natioanl groos Happiness” or suchlike? Also Switzerland is famously neutral and hasn’t attacked anyone or been involved in any wars since .. a great many centuries I think. Or Japan with its no international wars of aggression – military reserved for self defence strictly and only – clause in its very constitution?

    But yeah, such exceptions are pretty few and far between. Yup.

    Aside from drone strikes, we could go back to World War I or to the pirates of the Caribbean – and mostly everywhere oceanically speaking, we could look at the Troubles in Ireland, the Balkans wars (what religion were the Sebs and Croats again, the forgotten war of the Ukraine and a whole lot more besides without even really spending more than aminute or two’;s thought on a slow thinking night., Oh & in terms of wiping out history with genocidal needless destruction hard to go past the Europeans in their invasions / explorations / conquests of South America (Conquistadores against Incans & Aztecs), Australia (so many Indigenous cultures that shaped even created the whole Aussie landscape just wiped out with appalling brutality), North America (trail of tears, reservations, etc ..), Africa, etc ..

    The above seem to me too often & easily overlooked – although I think and hope that’s changing.

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