New at Rosetta Stones: It’s the Eve of Destruction

Our third edition of In the Path of Destruction live-blogging is up! This one takes us right up to the seconds before the eruption. Some of the things that happened will leave you sputtering. Some of it will leave you wishing for a TARDIS so you can get people the heck outta Dodge.

Image shows a bearded Dave Johnston sitting in a camp chair with his feet up, smiling at the camera. A forest stands behind him.
David Johnston at Coldwater II on May 17th, 1980. Image courtesy Harry Glicken/USGS.


New at Rosetta Stones: It’s the Eve of Destruction

4 thoughts on “New at Rosetta Stones: It’s the Eve of Destruction

  1. rq

    That photo. Knowing what it is and what is to come.
    And I do wonder, had you a TARDIS, and explained it all to him, would he really have walked away…? I want to believe Yes (because he seems sensible and smart and safety-conscious) but something inside insists No. And somehow I cannot condemn him for that.

  2. 4

    The difference between Johnston and and almost everybody else is that he really understood what could happen. I honestly don’t think I would have stayed. There would have been no notice and he knew that. But then, in those days not everyone had access to satellites with a video camera on every phone and a phone in every pocket and what he was doing was important. Still. I wish he hadn’t been so damned brave.

    I have a live cam of the mountain from a camera sitting on Johnston Ridge on my desktop. It still freaks me out to think that the destruction hit him that far away before he could anything about it.

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