Mobbed by Adorable Baby Birdies!

So one of the things I’ll miss the most about living in Bothell is having baby duckies within walking distance. This spring was the best. There were lots and lots of babies, and most of them had absolutely no fear. When they saw a human with food, they were all over that. B and I got completely mobbed several times, and it was completely delightful.

Image shows me squatting down hand-feeding a crowd of brown baby ducks. They're eating right out of my hand.
Moi being mobbed by baby duckies.

The parents would keep an eye on us, but they weren’t really concerned. Apparently everybody who comes through there is fairly kind to the waterfowl. They don’t even mind the noise and chaos of the ballgame crowds. They’ll go right on up and beg from the spectators.

Image shows a mama mallard on one side of a chainlink fence, watching her babies go for spectators on the other side.
Mama watches her babies learn how to winkle food out of hoominz.

The ducklings are incredible amounts of fun. They’ll climb right into your hands or your bag looking for grub.

Image shows B being mobbed by a family of ducks. He's got one half-grown duckling in his hand, with the others crowding up close. All you can see of B is his arm and leg.
B and his ducky.

On one walk, I got lucky enough to get surrounded by goslings, ducklings, and parents, without getting mauled. It’s eerie, being surrounded by hissing adults. But the babies are so sweet!

Image shows two adult geese and lots of babies coming up the creek bank toward the camera.
A family of geese heads my way.

They were fresh out of the creek. One of the adults was covered in water droplets, and was kind enough to hold still and let me photograph it.

Image shows the head of a Canada Goose, covered in water droplets.
A dewy goose.

They hissed at me when I wasn’t quick enough on the draw with the food, but they let their babies crowd up all around me without offering any violence.

Image shows a group of goslings, one with food in its bill, with an adult Canada goose watching the proceedings with its chin tucked to its chest.
Parent supervises lunch.

I love this particular gosling. It looks so concerned.

Image shows a gosling with a bit of food stuck to its bill. The shape of its eye makes it look rather pensive.
Existentialist gosling contemplates the meaning of life.

The most enchanting thing about that day was the silent gentleman in Chinese clothing who watched us from beneath the trees, smiling gently. He was so delighted with the proceedings. Once I’d finished and walked away, he took over baby feeding duties, and I looked back to see them gathered around his feet. Lovely!

Image is looking down the trail, which is a wide asphalt path between looming green trees. A gentleman in a gray traditional Chinese outfit is standing with his back to the camera, head bent over the food he's taking out for the ducks and geese that are surrounding him.
Chinese gentleman with an entourage of adorable birds.

Moments like that make life complete and perfect.

I have made you a whole video full of baby duckie and gosling feeding joy. I hope it brings many giggles and much happiness to your day, my darlings. You deserve it!

Mobbed by Adorable Baby Birdies!
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9 thoughts on “Mobbed by Adorable Baby Birdies!

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    One thing, though, if I may. Bread and popcorn are really not very good for wild fowl: too many empty calories, and it can fill them up to the point where they won’t eat more nutritious fare. Much better would be whole oats, rye or wheat, frozen peas or corn (thawed), brown rice, even veggie scraps. More info here.

  2. 4

    Cute overload. Must run off to do some chores now. It should be obvious that feeding them more nutritious scraps out of your crisper bin, while better for the ducks, are much less likely to stir up a little downy feeding frenzy. At least you got today’s footage.

  3. 6

    I’ve tried feeding them healthy stuff! They refuse to eat it. They’d rather starve than eat a nutritious meal, so I finally gave up and started giving them whole-wheat bread. Spoiled little brats they are.

  4. 7

    Oh, trust me, I’ve tried the healthy foods route. They shun that stuff like the plague. I’ll try grains, but so far, the closest I’ve gotten to healthy with them is nine-grain bread.

  5. 9

    A dewy goose. That sounds like some kind of old British expression. Like, “You remember Malcolm? That fellow is a dewy goose.”

    Not sure what it might refer to, though. Maybe someone who gets people around them in trouble, but doesn’t himself suffer from it. You know, the water doesn’t make him wet, but he’ll get you wet if you get too close.

    I might be overthinking this.

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