Here’s Some of What You’ve Missed if You Don’t Follow Me on Facebook

And, of course, with the way Facebook delivers stuff to your timeline, you may have missed it even if you do follow me on Facebook. Since I’m behind in the 10,001 things I need to do this week, I’m going to just stick some of my posts from Facebook right here. There’s some good readin’!

Let’s get to it!

Dear Doctors: please listen to your patients, even if they’re overweight. Especially if there’s a sudden change in their health. And most especially if their symptoms match a life-threatening problem they had before! Oh, and don’t dismiss their symptoms just cuz they’re a woman, dither. Kthx.

CeCe Olisa: My Doctor’s Advice To “Lose Weight” Almost Killed Me


This article is about white people losing their shit over the idea of renaming half a mile worth of a street after Martin Luther King Jr. Mind you, that stretch wasn’t even in their part of town. Tell me again how we don’t have a problem with racism in this country.

RawStory: WATCH: ‘Not racist’ Louisiana man warns that renaming street for MLK will unleash his ‘racist ways’

Attention male-identifying people: this is where you get to shut down social sanction for sexism. Right here, where the dude turns to you for backup when his sexist joke falls flat. This is where you step up and let him know you don’t have his back.

“Sexist men, too, are more likely to assume I’m on board with sexist jokes. A man I worked with made a joke about beating his wife in front of me and a group of women, and looked at me when it didn’t go over well, as if I’d understand.

“We need to notice these things.”

Wiley Reading on Everyday Feminism: 3 Ways to Rethink Masculinity as a Newly Masculine-Presenting Person


When we’re talking about pregnancy, far too many people see nothing but a baby. If they can’t avoid seeing the woman, it’s just long enough to call her a slut. If it’s a trans man, they don’t see him at all.

So those people need to hear this poem.

And if they still can’t see the pregnant person, they need to be wheeled into the nearest OR: if they’re that pro-life, surely they have no problem at all donating bone marrow, blood, a kidney, and half their liver to save lives. Sure, there’s a risk of death, but children are depending on them for their survival! Sure, it’s painful and inconvenient, but it’s just a few months of pain and recovery time, plus a lifetime of unwanted changes to their bodies, so won’t someone please think of the babies who need that blood, marrow, kidney, and liver?!

I mean, it’s a simple moral issue. If they didn’t want to undergo major surgery, they shouldn’t have been protesting abortion, now, should they?

Digital Cuttlefish: Behold, The Invisible Woman!


This is a really good read. Content note for child abuse, slavery, and – well, you know how violent the Old Testament is.

Valerie Tarico: Children as property: The common root of religious child abuse and the pro-life movement


That’s just a small sampling. Enjoy!

Image shows a kitty trying to climb into a bookcase. Caption says, "Facebook. Ur doin it wrong."

Here’s Some of What You’ve Missed if You Don’t Follow Me on Facebook

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    Oh, can i do that now? Or was it always some weirdness of FB that i couldn’t just like and follow. I don’t friend lightly, nor do i expect ppl who don’t know me to accept requests. (And there is little for anyone to know or see about me there anyway. Sort of not fair that way.) ugh, “fb verbs”.

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    So, upon this notice, I hie myself over to FB, find your page (Dana Hunter, author, 51 likes), Like it so it’ll show up in my feed, but none of this content you tout shows on your page. wtf? Maybe it’ll only be in my feed and not on your Timeline? I’ll go check. BRB. Nope, nothing in the last day or so, but I have a couple of very active groups I follow, so I’ll check again later. I use FB more than I use FtB so I’ll hope to see you popping up.

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    It’s not from the DH Author page. Which was sort of what my rambling post was about. You can’t “follow” Dana’s personal page รก la FB (which i did find out, after checking again). This requires a friend request.

    Oh, and as for Dana’s comment about the way FB delivers stuff to your timeline (yet one more bizarre behavior of the thing that is FB), you can click on the Follow(ing) button and select “see first” to, um, inspire better delivery.

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