New at Rosetta Stones: Liveblogging In the Path of Destruction!

So the results are in, and you were all like, “Yeah, Dana, do whatever, JUST GET US YOUR MOUNT ST. HELENS BOOK!” I hear you! So what I’m doing is reading Richard Waitt’s In the Path of Destruction because it’s rather necessary to see what he did so I can do something different. I’m really ADD at the moment, so I was sewing and my brain was popping off with, “LOL it sounded like this, you should write that down on Facebook!” And so I kind of started liveblogging it on Facebook anyway. And then I was like, “Hey, don’t Rosetta Stones readers deserve to be able to follow along, too?” So then I put everything I’ve got so far in a post, added some more, and published it for those of you who hate Facebook with a fiery passion, which used to be me before I became addicted to it.

It was really kinda fun…

Anyway, we’re up through Chapter Three, and I will continue doing this throughout the book. Hopefully by the end I’ll have figured out why the book image is ginormous instead of a sensible size like this.

Photo of my copy of Richard Waitt's In the Path of Destruction, which has a black and white photo of Mount St. Helens erupting.

I really sort of hate our new blogging platform over there, but it was necessary.

Anyway. Just to remind you:

Image is a slightly expanded crop of me with Mount St. Helens from May 2007. Caption reads, "Yes, I am indeed writing a Mount St. Helens book!"
For serious, folks, I am.

Even though I am also reviewing this one.

New at Rosetta Stones: Liveblogging In the Path of Destruction!
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3 thoughts on “New at Rosetta Stones: Liveblogging In the Path of Destruction!

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    You said in the Rosetta Stone post that we need to manage these things better. But I am not sure we can. People will be people and stupid people will be stupid.

    I was working on an archaeological site that was being impacted by new road building in Corpus Christi Texas a few years ago. We needed to get under the road, so the DoT waited for Sat. and closed the road. We watched while backhoes dug the trenches, ready to deal with anything they found (it was a huge site and some areas had lots of remains of past cultures and others didn’t–in this case there was nothing of importance. While we were drawing the various layers of sediment we uncovered in the trenches, a driver went weaving around the road closed signs and sped up the street, ignoring all the people yelling and waving their arms. He was within about 2 feet of the trench when he finally stopped. I didn’t care all that much about him, believing in natural selection as I do, but he nearly killed two innocent archaeologists down in that trench because he seemed to believe that the road closed sign was only there to annoy him and could be safely ignored. I want to kill that attitude with fire. Volcano fire will do very nicely*.

    * NO not really. But the best you can do is the best you can do when faced with people looking at an erupting mountain and insisting that it is all just a conspiracy.

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