Adorable Pictures of the New Kitty, and a Very Odd Song

People, it’s been A Day. We’re still having record-high heat, which is just spiffy when you’re trying to sort out your boxes and unpack crap in a house with no air conditioning. B’s older brother is driving him up all the walls and across the ceiling. He’s one of those control freaks who wants everyone to arrange their lives to his satisfaction, and doesn’t give a single shit what the people in question actually want or need to do. This means Montana is even more in the cards than before, because B wants to get the hell away from him, and it’s really hard putting the brakes on and advising him to take it a step at a time. Then we visited furniture stores looking for a simple mini chest of drawers, and nearly choked to death on the prices. $550 for a two-drawer chest, people. The cheapest we found was over $130 on clearance. And it’s not like they were made of wood grown in a fairy forest and blessed by unicorns, for fuck’s sake! You can tell how long it’s been since I’ve looked for furniture by my sticker-shock, right?

But it wasn’t all annoying. I spent a pleasant bit of the morning down by the creek with Boo-Boo. It took some effort, but I got some photos of her. She’s so squirmy! She’s constantly moving around, getting your attention, making sure she still has your attention, demanding more attention… but look at how adorable she is!

Image shows Boo-Boo, a kitty with black and white patches, looking back toward the camera with her face half-obscured by her tail. My hand is visible at bottom left giving her some scritchins.
Boo-Boo getting her back scratches.

She’s such a sweetie. She got her scritchins, then flopped down at my feet, and we had a very peaceful time.

Image shows Boo-Boo lying on her side. She's got a black back and white legs, neck, and nose.
Boo-Boo sprawls.

Later on, I went back inside to arrange stuff and stuff, and left my door open, because that east-facing room gets stuffy with a quickness in the morning. Boo-Boo headed on in, took one look at Misha’s angry face, and exited instantly. This deference to Misha’s preferences seems to have earned her some goodwill, because a short while later, I found her happily munching Misha’s food, with no complaints from Misha. Alas, she’s on a set diet, so I had to explain to her that she’s not allowed to eat Misha’s food even with permission. I spent most of the morning carrying her out of my room, but I think she’ll soon understand that she’s not supposed to be in there. Well, she will if B will stop putting her on the bed – every time she ventures in when he’s here, he let’s her have the run of the place, and even helps her up to the places where she can’t reach! He’s putty in her paws.

Misha ventured out to explore the house, but never for long, always scuttling back to the safety of her room at the slightest noise. With luck, she and Boo-Boo will mostly have the run of the place by the end of the weekend. Then the dog comes home, and we’ll have to start this process all over. But Misha historically hasn’t minded small dogs much, so hopefully she won’t despise this one.

B and I talked about Montana, and the fact that he only came back from his last visit there for me and his younger brother, pretty much in that order. I knew he loved me, but it was pretty awesome to be shown just how much. As long as our upcoming visit goes well, and I like his family and the environs, I’ll be moving out there with him at the end of summer. It’s kind of daunting. But at least most of my stuff doesn’t have to be unpacked before we go!

S and I spent some time listening to music down by the creek. He introduced me to Storm Large, who is a bloody incredible singer, and has one of the oddest songs I’ve ever heard. It’s also got a very odd video to go with it. I’ll share it with you, but it really isn’t at all suitable for work, and it may break your brain slightly.

Yes, the horse is peeing in one scene. Yes, so is she – or pretending to. According to S, the horse started its business during filming, Storm asked what she should do, and the director was all like, “Hey, why don’t you pee, too?” and here we are today. I cracked up. Having owned horses myself, I’m completely familiar with their tendency to do embarrassing things where and whenever, no matter how mortified you are.

We had lovely Indian food, went for a walk, and then I tried to get more of the stuff I’ll need out over the summer unpacked and organized. It’s slow going. I’m so tired, people, you don’t even know, and my feet about divorced me when we started hoofing it up that trail. I am now going to knock off doing everything except for reading my new book about the horror show that is the FLDS, and stuffing my face with more delicious food.

The heat wave shows no signs of subsiding. So you lot are probably going to have lovely new volcano photos soon, as we’ll probably scarper off to the top of a tall snowy mountain once my feet and I are cordial again. Paradise on Mount Rainier isn’t supposed to break 50 degrees F all week. That sounds exactly like paradise just now. But Baker is also supposed to be quite chill, so you tell us which volcano you wish us to visit first!

Adorable Pictures of the New Kitty, and a Very Odd Song

6 thoughts on “Adorable Pictures of the New Kitty, and a Very Odd Song

  1. rq

    You and B will have to come to a unified consensus about Boo-Boo. These mixed messages only mean she will take advantage of those most beneficial to her (THE BED! THE BED!), which means therefore you will be carrying her out of the room forever.
    Unless, of course, she makes friends with Misha and stops eating her food. :D

    I’m glad to hear you’re settling in, I just hope things with B’s brother work out to everyone’s satisfaction (or at least, mostly to your and B’s, because his brother should learn to let go a bit).

    That song… loved it. And judging from the ending (‘Echo! Echo!’), her vagina is also the original echochamber.

  2. 2

    BooBoo is adorable, of course. I love that bi-color pattern on kitties, especially on the one of ours. Though I wasn’t all that happy when she crawled under the quilt at 3:00 AM and proceeded to puke on the blanket.

    Can you share where in Montana, my natal state? Western, I hope. Anything east of Billings is pretty much West Dakota. My old college town of Bozeman looked really great on our recent brief visit.

  3. 3

    Then we visited furniture stores looking for a simple mini chest of drawers, and nearly choked to death on the prices. $550 for a two-drawer chest, people. The cheapest we found was over $130 on clearance.

    Craigslist is your friend, as is and thrift stores.

  4. rq

    I found myself singing it out loud around the house later that evening. And then later at work, too. Thankfully, there was no one around to hear.

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