Moving Day is a Very Dangerous Day

Well, my darlings, we made it.

I won’t say I’m happily ensconced in the new place. I hated leaving my peaceful apartment behind, with the dragonflies in the back yard, and the hummingbirds that would sometimes hover by the porch and demand I put in a feeder. I miss living alone already. And Misha is outraged by the entire notion of another kitty in the house. Just wait til the dog gets home – it’s currently on tour with its owner. It’ll take some adjustment for all of us.

But it is a lovely house on a lovely creek with a luscious back yard, which I will thoroughly enjoy once I can spend more than five minutes in it.

Our stuff is finally here. We hired movers, which turned out to be a brilliant idea, because B got food poisoning the day of the move. The poor thing wouldn’t leave me: he powered through the entire day despite his misery. The movers were hours late, which meant we were still loading stuff from the apartment late in the evening. I went back to do some tidying up after everybody had gone home, and imagine my horror when I opened the closet and discovered the movers had forgotten I’d told them everything in the closet was coming with us. It’s a ginormous walk-in closet, and I’d filled it with boxes, so it wasn’t like I could schlepp everything down to the Civic and bring it over. Fortunately, the apartment complex manager is one of the best people in the universe, and gave me an extra day. I got the movers back gratis to finish the job. I’d intended to spend all day on the creek, possibly bringing Misha outside and watching her be outraged at Boo-boo’s presence, but at least I had time to do some extra tidying while waiting for the movers, and I got to say goodbye to the manager in person, so that was nice. They’re completely renovating that unit this month, putting in quartz countertops and all sorts of awesome things, so if you can afford an upscale 1 bedroom and are looking for a Bothell home around August, call up Avana 522, ask for Kelly, and tell her you want unit 2521. Gawds, I’ll miss that place.

So will Misha. She spent all moving day on the balcony, sacked out in the sunshine, so content not to move that I thought she’d died at one point. The chaos inside bothered her not one bit. But you should’ve seen her affronted expression when one of the mover dudes took the patio chair she was sleeping under. She gave him such a glare. Then she had to get stuffed into a cat carrier and driven across town, then left on the back patio in said carrier while Boo-Boo stared at her. She wasn’t pleased. But at least she didn’t foam at the mouth like she did when she met Franklin, the last cat we lived with. There’s a slight chance she and Boo-Boo will come to terms. And I’m hopeful about the dog, because she’ll sometimes just ignore small dogs. It’s large dogs, especially huskies, she wishes to murder.

We’re also learning how to navigate our bed, which is now on risers. I have to build her some steps. She’s doing okay with the stool I put down, but she doesn’t get up on the bed very much anymore, and was so desperate for a soft place to sleep that she promptly snuggled into the old curtains I’d dropped on the floor while putting up my own. When she’s not on those, she’s usually lying beside her food and water dishes, as if terrified Boo-Boo will break in through the closed door and take her stuff.

It would be nice to settle in completely, but over the past week, B and I have been talking rather more seriously about moving in with his folks in Montana. His dad’s not in the greatest health, and he wants to be there for his mom and sister. So we’re going to go for a visit, probably within the next couple of weeks, and see how all of us get along. If we all like each other, we’ll be moving probably around September or October. It would only be for a few years – we both want to come back to the Seattle area to live fairly soon. But this would be an awesome opportunity to see some different sorts of geology, and trace the Missoula floods from the other end. We’d also be coming back here regularly to see B’s brothers.

So I won’t be unpacking more than the necessities and stuff that needs to be reorganized until that visit is over. But I will be getting the kitty fence so I can make Misha and I a little sanctuary for the summer. I can’t wait to show you guys the pictures where she’s glaring at Boo-Boo, who is the world’s sweetest cat and will be hovering outside the fence wanting to make friends.

I’m going to be throwing myself back into writing after I get stuff arranged. S and I have to find the right spots for all the boxes I’m storing, and I have to unpack and arrange the things I’ll need over the summer, and get some art up on the walls to feed my poor soul. B and I will be doing lots of trips outside of Montana, especially if we’re going to move there – I’ll have to get all my St. Helens visits done before we leave. It’s going to be busy. And I’ve got so much planned to write for you. We’ll continue bashing Christianist textbooks, of course, and reboot our long-neglected Mount St. Helens eruption series. We’ll continue with Escape, and I’ve got other ex-FLDS exposés to tell you about, and I’ve just now downloaded a rather explosive book by Brent Jeffs, the nephew FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs abused in many horrifying ways. There’ll be blogging from our new creek, and some retrospectives on the creek I’ve left behind, because I have to show you all the adorable goslings and ducks doing tricks. There’s stuff I’m too tired to remember right now. And, of course, I’ll be finishing Really Terrible Bible Stories vol. 2: Exodus, and you’ll soon be getting excerpts! The mightily patient folks who’ve been waiting for their swag will not have to wait much longer, either.

Right now, I’m going to follow Misha’s lead:

Image shows Misha lying with her face in her pillow.
Misha’s so tired she just face-planted.

At least, I will be after I’ve treated the acne outbreak caused by stress and heatwaves. I look like pizza-face pizza here. I don’t recommend having to move in the middle of record-high heat, is what I’m saying.

Things didn’t go as smoothly as I would’ve liked, but they would’ve been a disaster without your help. All of you who donated and encouraged and patted my poor overwhelmed head should know that you’re all amazeballs, and I love you immensely. So does S, who is delighted that so many of you lot love birds, and plans to help us get some UFDs right here on our own creek soon. He also grows fantastic flowers, and maybe he’ll even let me post some of his art.

For those of you in the Seattle area who like bugs, music, and happy gatherings, we’re having a housewarming party soon with an actual entomologist and his collection, plus live music. If this is right up your ally, shoot me an email at dhunterauthor at gmail so I can hook you up. Kids are welcome, too!

See you there or in cyberspace very soon, my darlings. Thank you again!


There are two Rocko’s Modern Life references in this post. Bonus awesomesauce points to those who identify both!

Moving Day is a Very Dangerous Day

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  1. 1

    Congratulations on a successful, if somewhat stressful, move. You seem to have gotten through it with your sanity and even your sense of humor intact. It sounds like Misha came through it pretty well, too.
    It must be a bit daunting to think that you may be doing this again in a couple of months, but for now, enjoy where you are, and make the best of that creek and back yard.

  2. 2

    Once in Montana you can do reports on Glacial Lake Missoula and the flow features from the floods found there (see Roadside Geology of Montana). Also visit the belt rocks, plus of course Glacier and Yellowstone parks. Lots of interesting geology to see.

  3. 3

    Glad to hear you and Misha are ensconced and doing ok. I’ve been worried about you both. I hope you don’t have to move Misha again soon.

  4. 4

    Not to make light of your situation, but we moved from the PNW area to Arizona…in May.

    For us, though, we move a lot, and though we hate it, we’re used to it, both being military brats (and my job tends to move us around every few years). Good luck in the new place, and I hope Misha settles in well.

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