Thank You, Everyone! We Appear to be Domiciled!

I say appear to be, because the process of finding a new place to live has been so fraught that I probably won’t feel like we’ve got a home until we’ve been living there for about ten years. But we did it! We found a place! Alas, the awesome atheist feminist was snagged before we could claim him, but Misha and I are moving to a beautiful old Lake City home that has a HUGE backyard. We’re moving in with a selection of eclectic artist types who understand the vagaries of the freelance life. It’s going to be wooville what with the shaman/accupuncturist in the place downstairs, but hey, as long as he’s not promising he can cure cancer, that should be all right, too.

Misha’s going to be supremely upset when she finds out the house contains a tiny dog and a seriously sweet kitty, but she’ll manage somehow.

S, the lynchpin of the place, is a delightful man who, in addition to being an artist in his spare time, adores science. He’s actually having an entomologist over with his collection for a party. He’s never seen Mount St. Helens, so we’re already booked for a trip. There should be a trip to Montana sometime this summer, too, as B just got done visiting his folks and they’re keen to meet me. I’ll be able to show you some geology outside of Washington and Oregon! WOOT!

Our other roomie, N, is a saxophonist and a complete dear. I hadn’t planned to move in with three guys, but when it’s guys like this in a place like that, it’s hard to say no. And S plans to put up birdhouses in the yard, so we’re gonna have plenty of opportunities to get more UFDs for you!

Thanks to you, my darlings, we are all well set for the summer.* Once I get moved, I can throw myself back into writing again, and reward your efforts richly. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you a thousand billion times! And all those who are patiently waiting for swag should be getting it by the end of next week, now I’ve got my shit somewhat together.

Image is a tabby kitten with its eyes closed. It looks like it's got a great big smile. Caption says, "Thankz allz."


*Well, as long as this complex I’m in doesn’t come up with new and intriguing ways to pay for their remodel by charging us out the ass for petty shit. Have I mentioned I lost my faith in them?

Thank You, Everyone! We Appear to be Domiciled!

14 thoughts on “Thank You, Everyone! We Appear to be Domiciled!

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    I am elated for you and Misha! I have some idea of the stress you’re going through (I’m currently broke, jobless, and worried about next months rent), which makes me doubly happy for you.

  2. 2

    Thanks, Tony!

    I’m so sorry you’re in a tough spot. The stress ain’t fun, to say the least! If you set up a GoFundMe or similar, I’ll promote it for ye. And same thing if you set up a Patreon account. Good luck!

  3. 3

    Good to hear, Dana! I was having visions of you camping under a bridge or something, with Misha bringing back pigeon squab for dinner…

    A few of your gently used books are on their way to me. Hope they don’t get soaked on my doorstep as I’m away from home this week.

  4. 5

    (clenched tentacle salute!)

    Maybe you can convince the acupuncturist to try some double-blind trials, so they can see which of their techniques works the best. ;) I did that once and the acupuncturist that was my target came back later and said “they all work about equally well! Which is awesome!” I think they were trolling me right back, actually.

  5. 6

    Awesome news Dana! I hope Misha likes her new two-and-four legged friends.

    Where in Montana? We’ve been visiting in Montana and Wyoming this week. Saw my old college, my old hometown, my elementary, junior high, and high school; the houses I lived in for my first 19 years and all the old stomping grounds. Then moved on to a small town in Wyoming where my Mom grew up for a mini-family reunion. And we’re off tomorrow for the Tetons and Yellowstone. Lots and lots of geology that way!

  6. 7

    Great news! Sounds like an interesting place/group. I hope the move goes smoothly, and Misha settles in without too much trauma. Although from what you have written about her, it sounds like she is more likely to dish out trauma than be a victim of it, even at her advanced age.

  7. rq

    Awesomesauce. I’m extremely relieved and happy on your behalf.
    Can’t wait to see what new and interesting things you have to show us from Montana.
    Also, I hope Misha takes the move well and with as little stress as possible. (I bet she’ll love the birdhouses…)

  8. 13

    @ Tony! The Queer Shoop : I know we’ve clashed in the past on FTB & you really didn’t and probably still don’t like me and I regret that reality. But for whatever little its worth I want you to know that I have always respected you and still do and I apologise for some of the shit I’ve said to you before & I would be honoured to put you up at my place if I could & if you wanted.

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