You All Are Bloody Amazing!

So a week ago, I came to you, hat in hand, begging for some help to keep me and my elderly kitty from ending up living in a Honda Civic. I mean, it’s a reasonably nice car, but a little cramped and not at all secure. I didn’t really expect much, but hoped for enough to pay for an extended-stay hotel room while I looked for work.

Thanks to your efforts, I have some leads on great places to live, and I can continue writing full-time this summer. You’re that incredible!

I’ve been in shock for a bit ever since. I mean, I knew I had the best readers in the blogosphere, but I didn’t know how best until just now. I’m tongue-tied, to be honest. I don’t know how to properly thank you, except by buckling down and being a better writer than before, and paying it forward.

Which, speaking of paying it forward: one of the ways I can do that is by signal boosting. So please, if you know of a cause that needs some attention, let me know. As long as it’s a cause that isn’t opposed to my values, and it’s legit, it’s a cause I can help raise awareness for. So drop me an email, or leave a comment, so I can help out.

Also, if there are special requests for topics, you can leave them here, and I’ll do my best!

I don’t need any more donations at the moment, but if you still wanted to help us out, we have a small store’s worth of books to get rid of. This is good news for folks in the market for high-quality used books! I’m sellin’ ’em cheap! Feel free to shop my Amazon store, and please do share that link with fellow booklovers.

Misha and I are more grateful than words can ever express. Thank you again, so much, my darlings!

Image shows Me and Misha together. Misha has her little head on me shoulder.
The lady and the kitty you all just saved from homelessness.
You All Are Bloody Amazing!

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    Glad to hear that things are looking up. I am confident that you will make things work. Your readers value what you do, and will help, support, and cheer you on.
    Also, I arrived home after a good but very long day to find a box of books waiting for me. :-) Thanks, and I will enjoy and learn from them.

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