You Can Save Atheist Bloggers’ Lives

You may have seen the stories about Bangladeshi bloggers hacked to death by Islamist assholes for being open about unbelief. You’ve surely heard of Raif Badawi, who is being more harshly punished for his freethought writings than another man is for raping a child. If you’re like me, you’ve watched, helplessly, as people die and there’s so very little we can do to stop it.

Now we have a chance to act.

When our own Taslima Nasreen, who has already been living under police protection, became one of these fanatics’ next targets, we knew we had to get her out. You can read the whole story here. (You’ll learn that we keep PhysioProffe around as much for his compassion as we do for his mad cooking skillz.) I have many problems with Ron Lindsay, but I commend his and Michael DeDora’s quick, effective action when Ed Brayton informed them of the situation. So much goes into getting a person out of their country and bringing them safely to the States, all in just a few weeks. Debbie Goddard and Martina Fern became the outstanding conductors on this new underground railroad (or should we say, cryptic airway?). They got Taslima to safety – but they have no intention of stopping there. The work isn’t done.

Taslima will need help getting established permanently in the United States. Other bloggers are in peril as we speak, and need help finding a safe place to land, and assistance getting there. You can be a part of this.

Donate here to establish the fund that will help Taslima and others reach safety, and continue their critical work speaking out against religious abuses and standing up for reason. Donate now to save lives and deny Islamist murderers the chance to brag about another freethinker killed.

Image is a portrait of Taslima Nasrin, safe and smiling.
Taslima Nasrin. Image via CFI.

And welcome to the US, Taslima! Can I just mention I’m selfishly hoping you decide to make the Pacific Northwest your permanent base so that Ophelia and I can take you to all the awesomest local spots?

You Can Save Atheist Bloggers’ Lives

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  1. rq

    Welcome to the US, Taslima (sorry for the belated welcome). I’m sorry I can’t contribute, but I wish Taslima and other bloggers very much of the best as they make their way to safety. And may the speaking out never stop, may it be loud, may it be clear!

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