It’s Also Geek Pride Day. I’m Geeking Out On…

…This amazing Mount St. Helens Lidar image.

Image is a LIDAR view of Mount St. Helens. With all the trees stripped away, the various volcanic deposits and stream incisions are wonderfully clear.
Mount St. Helens lidar
by Vivian R. Queija/USGS.

Oh, people! Those flows! If you look closely (which is far easier if you download the pdf file), you’ll notice the drastic difference in texture between the young, pyroclastics-rich north and the older south side with its stubby flows. Oh so delicious!

I never would’ve appreciated Lidar before moving to the Pacific Northwest. Up here, having a technology that can look past trees is priceless. This is so neato! And yes, I literally drooled when I saw the full file available for download.

What are you geeking out on?

It’s Also Geek Pride Day. I’m Geeking Out On…

6 thoughts on “It’s Also Geek Pride Day. I’m Geeking Out On…

  1. 1

    Lovely, although I think I’d rather see it without the false color.

    Which reminds me, what sort of image is the blog background again?

  2. rq

    What am I geeking out on?
    Right now, DNA profiles and the stapler. (It’s Results Day at the lab!) It’s a mix of the usual crap and surprising matches.
    But generally, I’m still thrilled with myself for finding my first plant fossil a couple of weeks ago. No idea what it is, but it’s definitely a plant (and not a shell and not a coral). Exciting!

  3. 3

    WWII fighter aircraft design. I wore my Hawaiian shirt with such airplanes on it, today, and watched vids about the P-38 and the F4U Corsair. Both were incredibly well designed, and pretty with it.

    I was also thinking about how much fashion and fad and belief get involved, even with something as allegedly functional as an airplane. But dang, when a good designer makes clever compromises, the human aspect is amazing.

  4. 4

    Excellent geekery! I remember my dad building a Corsair model. Dang, that thing was delicious. I should make him fly it for me next time I visit.

  5. 6

    I’m torn on the false color. I wish they’d have both.

    The background image is Lidar of the Seattle area. I think I chose the Bothell bits, but I can’t remember. I’ve got so much Lidar of Seattle you don’t even know. They don’t use false color, just gray. I changed it to light purple cuz mah blawg.

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