Fundamentals of Fungi: Pantherina

Let me introduce you to a beautiful probably-Amanita pantherina mushroom that said “Fuck you, lawnmowers!” and popped up this spring. Well, early March. It counted as spring because damn, our March was warm. Must be all that global warming I hear so much about.

Image shows a round-topped, brown, white-spotted mushroom on a lawn.
Most probably Amanita pantherina.

Of course, I could be wrong about the identity, I am not an expert. But it’s somebody from the Amanita family, and pantherina fits the bill. Besides, I love the name. If I ever get a panther, I shall name her Pantherina (spoiler: I will not ever have a panther, because Misha has taught me that having a cat that can’t bite your arms literally off is safest).

A slightly different angle brings out the rich, warm brown color between the white spots.
This is the only panther I’ll see this year, probably, and it isn’t even a cat.

These apparently like conifers best, but I think this one was under oaks. I’ll have to double-check next time I go by. Sadly, the shroom will be gone, as the lawnmowers have arrived.

If you encounter one of these, admire its beautiful bon-bon shape and hue, but don’t try to eat it, because it is not chocolaty and may actually make you quite sick and delirious.

I love walking around by North Creek. I’ve been here for years, but I always find something new.

Fundamentals of Fungi: Pantherina

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    It counted as spring because damn, our March was warm.

    Latest news just seen from Aussie ABC online and according to NOAA is that this March was the hottest ever globally and the the period of January to March was also the warmest on record.

    Source :

    (Hope this is okay to mention and not too far off topic – if so, my apologies and feel free to delete and please let me know.)

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