Happy National Science Day, Everybody!

Guess what day it is in India. That’s right, it’s National Science Day! You can check out their Facebook page to see some of the events going on, and Wikipedia has a brief explanation here. Did you know it not only showcases current science, but honors Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman’s discovery of the Raman effect? To which I, as an ordained minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, can only say, “R’amen!” Of course. Happy National Science Day, India!

Then, March 8th is International Women’s Day. And I had a brainwave: why not have a Women in the Geosciences Week? We can haz! Here at ETEV, I’ll be reprising our Pioneering Women in the Geosciences series. At Rosetta Stones, I’ll be introducing you to very many awesome women of the geoblogosphere. And on March 8th, thee shall have a brand new Pioneering Woman post.

Image shows a cat sitting at a computer table with its mouth open. Caption says, "Reely?! Yay!"

Today, let’s celebrate science together! Tell me your favorite branch(es) of science in the comments (it’s geology, right?). Is there a particular scientist who got you interested in science? Was there an even or a discovery that hooked you?

Here’s another way to celebrate: donate to a science classroom so that our next generation of scientists has the materials they need to explore.

Image is a cat in glasses and a bowtie, sitting at a table with beakers and a notebook, with a blackboard full of science notations behind it. Caption says, "Stand back! Iz goin to do science!"
Science is one of humanity’s greatest endeavors, and it’s a big part of a better future. It’s also just plain awesome.

Happy National Science Day, Everybody!

4 thoughts on “Happy National Science Day, Everybody!

  1. rq

    Geology is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve always had a soft spot for two branches of biology – microbiology (the one that looks at bacteria and all the other teeny tiny things) and entomology (though I’ve been considering reading up on spiders, too). I used to read quantum physics for some light reading, but I haven’t been keeping up, and now I get just as confused as a regular person. :)
    Oh, and optics are fascinating, too.

    Wait, did I have to pick just one?

  2. 2

    Sorry, Dana, but my heart goes to astronomy. My current desktop wallpaper is the Hubble eXtreme Ultra Deepfield. They* aimed the Hubble Space Telescope at an apparently empty section of sky and exposed the CCD for two million sections (that’s about 23 days). There are a couple of very faint stars in our galaxy in the picture. Every other swirl, smudge and patch of light is a galaxy, some over 3 billion parsecs (12 billion light years) away.

    *”They” being them.

  3. 4

    Yay science!
    I just got home after two days at the state science teachers conference. I attended sessions on sedimentary rocks and non-optical astronomy, among others, and presented a session on solar observing, which might give a clue as to my interests. Tough to narrow it down, though. My undergrad degree is in biology (with a minor in chemistry), where my main interests are botany, evolution, and ecosystems. I also enjoy learning about the history and philosophy of science. Jack of all trades, master of none, that’s me. For a middle school science teacher that actually seems to work pretty well.

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