Emmylou Harris is a Feminist. Huzzah!

So, remember that conversation about country music we had a while back? It got me to recalling my country music days, which began with my parents and lasted until I got introduced to heavy metal. I don’t listen to much anymore, but after that post and the discussion around it, I began trying to recall the names of female country singers I’d loved. And Emmylou Harris came to mind.

She got a lot of play on the country stations my parents listened to, although she wasn’t strictly country. Turns out she’s still recording new music. And she’s a feminist! I love finding out that people I admired as a kid are people I can admire even more as an adult.

Image shows Emmylou Harris on stage, in a blue spotlight, playing an accoustic guitar.
Emmylou Harris in concert. Image courtesy C. Kuhl / www.chriskuhl.com/music. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

So here’s a little song for Saturday, a rather haunting ballad that shows an artist with serious musical chops, who can take a very simple melody and turn it in to something extraordinary.


The lyrics are here, the backstory here, and the album here.

Emmylou Harris is a Feminist. Huzzah!

9 thoughts on “Emmylou Harris is a Feminist. Huzzah!

  1. 4

    As much as I generally dislike Daniel Lanois’ production, Emmylou’s “Wrecking Ball” is a flat-out amazing album, and the song “Deeper Well” is one of the best songs about addiction ever. It’s right up with “The needle and the damage done” and “alcohol and pills” Not that I collect songs about addiction or anything. Hm. Sounds like it’s a persistent topic in music.

  2. 6

    I didn’t know she was a feminist, but remembering “Red Dirt Girl” it’s not surprising.

    (I don’t usually like country but I do really like folk, and as you say Emmylou is not strictly country.)

  3. rq

    I’ll have to look into her more. I love finding new music, especially if it can be admired from several angles, not just the musical and lyrical aspects.

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