Gorgeous New Artwork and Handmade Hearts – Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

The parts of the weekend I didn’t spend hiking and hanging out with B, I’ve spent creating cool new stuffage. It’s just in time for V-Day if you’ve gotta make purchases for that! I’ll put the specifically V-Day stuff at the very bottom so those of you who hate that holiday can avoid it. I understand your antipathy! So we’ll start with the things that aren’t all mushy-gushy, then, shall we?

I’ve got four new awesome works of art which you can purchase on various things at Red Bubble, which has reasonable prices and much better shipping costs than Cafe Press. I know they do quality work – I ordered a shirt from there a couple of years ago, and it’s still going strong even after heavy use. And, today’s their 8th birthday, so you can save 20% from 8am to 8pm. The coupon code is CRAZY8.

What neato things will you find there?It’s Turtles All the Way Down!

Image is a photograph of a line of turtles sunning on a log. It's been rotated vertically, and they are perfectly reflected in the blue water, so it looks like a double stack of turtles. Beside it is a black strip with a vertical caption that says, "Turtles All the Way Down"
“Turtles All the Way Down”

There’s even a geeky story behind these guys. They’re available on clothing, stickers, art prints and posters, and greeting cards.

Next up in nature is the Roadcut Reptile ya’ll identified.

Image is the fence lizard on the rhyolite outcrop.
“Lizard on Rhyolite”

A lot of you really enjoyed the pictures of that lovely lizard, and moarscienceplz mentioned posters, so here we are! It’s available on prints, posters, laptop skins, travel mugs, and cards. If anyone wants it on clothing, lets me know and I’ll adjust it for that.

Of course, we’ve gotta have some geology, so I made a Fall Creek Falls print for ya.

Image shows the sandstone wall, the waterfall, and looks down the beach toward Austin Point and the Pacific Ocean.

It’s geology with a hug! And you can get it on posters, prints, cards, travel mugs, and laptop skins. Let me know if you want it on anything else, and I will make it so.

Finally, we have an unexpected bit of neato that happened when I was editing photos from our Grand Coulee trip. Check out these chrome skulls!

Image shows chrome skulls mounted on a classic car engine reflecting blue skies.
“Skulls and Skies”

Freaking amazing. These skulls were on the engine of a big ol’ black classic car outside of Pepperjack’s. I squeed and started snapping photos, because what else can you do when someone’s got a car that looks that cool? I had no idea that image would actually capture the blue skies reflected in the polished chrome. And the sutures in the skulls – love it! This image is available on posters, prints, cards, laptop skins, stickers, and clothing.

So that’s all the coolio stuff available at Red Bubble. Those who want to avoid V-Day should stop here.

Now, we turn to Etsy, where I’ve added some handmade heart pouches for your gifting pleasure.

Image is a red fleece heart with pink ribbons. You can see my fingers placing a ring in it.

They’re entirely hand-sewn. Yep, with needle and thread and no machine, so you know they are made with complete love and care. They have a little opening up top that ties off with a pale pink ribbon, and they can be stuffed with little gifties, like jewelry or individually-wrapped chocolates and suchlike. Geological type people can fill ’em with pretty little rocks! I totally would. Choose from red or white. If you order this week, they’ll definitely be there for Valentine’s Day.

In case you’re wondering what that ring is, it’s an emerald obsidianite from Mount St. Helens. Yep, those gorgeous green gemstones are made from volcanic ash erupted by our favorite volcano! Do you want Mount St. Helens gemstones of your own? If you are rich, you can get some from Amazon, or you can designate me as your personal shopper, give me an idea what you want, and let me pick your piece when I go up there this spring. The jewelry in the local shops is a much better deal.

If your special Valentine person loves pretty rocks and funny puns, Holy Schist is still available, too!

Image shows a red heart with a box of Holy Schist on it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make the hearts big enough to hold the boxes, but I’ll bet your Valentine person wouldn’t mind getting a heart full of goodies and a box of specially-blessed and definitely holy schist, whether it’s a small or medium one. Then tell them something really happy-sappy, like “I couldn’t decide whether to get you love or laughter, so I got you both.”

Let me know if there’s anything special you’d like me to add. Making you happy is one of those things I love the most!

Gorgeous New Artwork and Handmade Hearts – Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

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