ZOMG Thank You Evelyn and Trebuchet!

Books! There are books! In my mailbox! Some of them have probably been here for ages, because checking the mail is not my forte. Hence, the lateness of this ZOMG BOOKS announcement.

Evelyn sent me an awesome book about the coelacanth.

Image shows me holding A Fish Caught in Time.
A Fish Caught in Time, sent to us by our own Dr. Evelyn!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how the coelacanth fascinated me as a kid. It would regularly show up in wow, weird science! and funny ol’ world innit collections. The idea of finding a fish we thought was extinct of course tickled me. And then much later, I learned it’s not a “living fossil,” but a fish that’s been evolving all along, which makes it even better. This book will help us get to know it better. Betcha I can tie it into geology by researching the formations its ancestors’ fossils were found in. Betcha it’s gonna be awesome. Thank you, Evelyn!

Ya’ll owe Trebuchet a huge thank you for actually spending cash money on that awful coulee conspiracy book.

Me holding Coulee Geology with a very pained expression.
Why oh why did I volunteer for this? I owe Trebuchet so much for actually spending money on this schlock.

I can already tell you it is way overpriced, even for conspiracy theory aficionados. And it’s not even completely printed in Comic Sans. Only some of the headings are. Sadface. It’s quite thin, too – I was hoping for a nice thick tone chock full of segues into who shot JFK and that sort of thing. Le sigh. At least it has some fabulous color photos of the area, so that will make going through it a bit less painful. And I will be sure to write it up in highly enjoyable ways for you. We’ll take our time on this one, and give Trebuchet his money’s worth!

Finally, I got a very charming little book, which Misha also loves.

Image shows the book, my hand holding it, and Misha rubbing her face all over the edge of it.
Misha loving on a lovely little book called Everybody Needs a Rock.

That’s her favorite so far. I think you guys will love it, too. It’s a fantastic book for kids.

Those reviews and more coming soon! Thank you, Trebuchet and Evelyn, for the books!

ZOMG Thank You Evelyn and Trebuchet!

3 thoughts on “ZOMG Thank You Evelyn and Trebuchet!

  1. 1

    You are very welcome! You can pay me back with real geo-lessons on the Coulee, which is an awesome place even though I’d never want to actually live the vicinity!

  2. 2

    woot for teh book-a-licious loot!

    I took one look at that last one and said to myself:”
    “self, that looks like it’s illustrated by the same person who did ‘Annie and the Old One’*”
    And a quick google reveals that I may be crazy, but on this I am not mistaken!

    *a blast from my long-ago past…

  3. rq

    I bet that comic sans looks even worse in real life. :P
    I’ll have to look into ‘Everybody Needs A Rock’, the illustrations look gorgeous!

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