That Magical Moment When Creationism Meets Conspiracy Theories About Coulees

In spelunking Amazon for research books, I came across this absolutely perfect example of conspiracy theorist nonsense.

Image shows the book cover for Coulee Geology. The title is in Comic Sans. Beneath a painting of one of the coulees, the subtitle is "Exposing the gigantic Federal Government funded hoax dubbed Missoula Floods."
This book is for serious.

Note the unironic use of Comic Sans; observe the thoroughly cranky title. Admire the juxtaposition of federal government, hoax, and hyperbole; marvel at the obsession regarding a subject the government would not spend two cents and half a minute to lie about. Open the preview, and gaze in wonder at the fact it’s not just the cover written in Comic Sans. Titter at the melodramatic, yet oddly dry, introductory story of the author’s sudden realization. And be not at all surprised that the author soon reveals himself to be a total religious crank who thinks God did it, in the northwest, with Noah’s Flood.

Bloody priceless. And if someone scores me a free copy, I totally will review it.

That Magical Moment When Creationism Meets Conspiracy Theories About Coulees

8 thoughts on “That Magical Moment When Creationism Meets Conspiracy Theories About Coulees

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    I LOVE the Grand Coulee! It’s an awesome place. And one of these days I will manage to visit the eponymous dam (which is not in the Grand Coulee) and find the inclined elevator down the ace is running and take on a ride on it. I designed parts of it 40 years ago!

    I’m considering getting you a review copy but am reluctant to put $20 in this idiot’s pocket.

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    Of course he trots out the vapor canopy, as well as attributing the Fountains of the Deep to an “upgrade anomaly,” which is a term I hadn’t run into before. His remarks about the Great Lakes are entertaining, as well.
    There is only one review, giving it 1 star & dismissing the author as a crank. Doesn’t look like this guy even got the attention of the fundies.

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    What the heck, I’ll pop for the book. Won’t even notice it among all the other Amazon purchases! Dana, if you’re reading this, I’ve sent an email asking for address verification.

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