Happy New Year 2015, My Darlings!

Lookit what we’ve got! A bouncing baby new year! Huzzah and celebrations and everything! But I’ll try to keep it somewhat subdued for those who partied too hard last night.

Let us have our traditional New Year’s sing-song.

And I’ve got a selection of the year’s best for ye at Rosetta Stones.

I can tell you right now, it’s gonna be a hella busy year both here and there and everywhere. We’ve got series to continue, new frontiers to explore, lots of inanity to address with the Smack-o-Matic, and many special days to celebrate with new and interesting products. You’re gonna laugh when you see some of the stuff I’ve got planned.

Thank you for making last year so incredible! Let’s make this one even moar better.

Here’s my traditional New Year’s blessing for ye:

May the best you’ve ever been be the worst you’ll ever see.

And I hope that this is the year that all your previous records for the best are broken. Along with some rocks!

Image shows me walking toward a serpentinite cliff with a rock hammer and camera. Caption says, "See you in 2015"
Moi with rock hammer and camera, going to get the geology for ye! Image courtesy Lockwood DeWitt.
Happy New Year 2015, My Darlings!
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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2015, My Darlings!

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    HNY to you too Dana! Hope all goes well for you in 2015.

    May I share some great music (IMHO) that I discovered in ’14? I love love love Vienna Teng’s latest, Aims. Great video from the signature song “Level Up” is here: http://viennateng.com/

    (I see it was released in ’13 but it was new to me last year…)

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