Let’s Play Spot the UFDs

We get to see how sharp your UFD-spotting skills are, and see if you can actually identify a few dots. You guys are wizard: betcha you can do it.

All right, first you gotta spot the UFDs in this lovely nature scene:

Image shows the snow-capped Olympic Mountains, the Kitsap Peninsula, and part of Puget Sound.
I solemnly swear there are UFDs in this photo.

I know, it’s not really fair, is it? Huge photo, itty bitty birdies. But I have complete faith in you. My faith is extra-special, as I am an ordained minister. How’s that feel, my darlings? Or should I say, my meatballets?

Okay, yes, you’re allowed to slap my hand with a wet noodle when next we meet. That was a very bad joke.

All right, try your luck with this photo. Continue reading “Let’s Play Spot the UFDs”

Let’s Play Spot the UFDs

Bias: It’s a Scientific Fact

I don’t trust anyone who says they’re unbiased. The longer I’ve been around, the more it’s become clear that anyone crowing about how unbiased they are has bias oozing from every orifice. I’ve learned to invest more trust in the people and orgs that admit bias happens, yes even to them, and they’re constantly working to overcome it. I’ve had to face up to the fact I’ve got biases, too, just like we all do. I know I’m missing some of my biases, but I work to identify them, and work to compensate for the ones I know I’ve got.

Bias, it turns out, isn’t just an impression some of us social justice types got: it’s a cold, hard, scientific fact. Olivia James took a look at some of the studies, and has a pair of excellent posts up on what science shows about bias. They make for some pretty revealing reading. Continue reading “Bias: It’s a Scientific Fact”

Bias: It’s a Scientific Fact

Mysterious Cargo

Here’s one for the engineering detectives.

Image shows a large freight train passing another, very short train that has four cyan blue cylindrical objects pulled by a single engine.
Mystery Freight I

We took advantage of a wee bit o’ sunshine last Sunday to head to Richmond Beach. That’s the neato one with ten trillion stairs and trains. The oddest train I’ve ever seen passed us: a single engine pulling four cyan cylinders. Now, before you zoom in and see what we’re dealing with, lemme give you another clue: this train’s headed south.

Image shows the same train. It's almost reached a bend around the bluff.
Mystery Freight II

Now, south of Richmond Beach is downtown Seattle, and then a bit south of that is Boeing. So if you were thinking these looked like airplane fuselages, you were totally right. The airplane lovers in the audience may be able to tell us what kind of planes they’re building.

Image shows one of the fuselages up close.
Mystery Freight III

Apologies for the rather sub-par quality here, but it was a moving target on a cold, windy beach with the sun shining at a very awkward angle. So it goes.

I’ll have some lovely little (well, reallyreally big) mountains for ye soon. They were out in force, and amazingly pretty, and show just how astounding the slow, inexorable force of colliding plates is. You’ll love it.

Mysterious Cargo

God’s Old Earth Curriculum: Introduction

One of the resources I use for our AiCESE articles is a site called Old Earth Ministries. Their tagline is “It’s An Old World After All!” They’re definitely not secular: go to their site, and you’ll see it peppered with Christian apologetics and pleas for you to become a Christian. They represent a variety of old earth creationist viewpoints, and so it’s a bit of a hodgepodge. They describe themselves as mainly “Progressive Creationists,” which will make the biologists scream in frustration:

This view accepts that God created each species of plant and animal as a unique creation, without the use of evolution, and the days of creation refer to a long periods [sic] of time.

Yeah, some folks just can’t stomach evolution. I find it sad that their interpretation of faith allows them to accept most of modern science, but when it comes to evolutionary biology, they fall at the fence. Their God can apparently use allegory for lotsa stuff, but heaven forfend there weren’t a literal Adam and Eve. Unpossible!

Image is a green poster with the British crown and the words "Keep calm and deny evolution."
Image courtesy God of Evolution (CC BY 3.0)

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God’s Old Earth Curriculum: Introduction

Holy Schist! Time’s Running Out!

We’re down to the last couple of online shopping days before Christmas! If you were planning to give some Holy Schist or Gnaughty and Gneiss gifties, it’s time to getcher order in. You were totally planning to get some, right?

Image shows a variety of Dana Hunter's Gneiss Schist products arranged with a stocking. A starburst says "Act now!"

Want to make extra-sure you’ll get all your gifties and still have plenty of time to wrap? You can! Order 3 or more items, and you’ll get a free upgrade to Priority Mail. According to the Post Office, that’ll get your stuff to you within 2-4 days, giving you a little more time to get it stocking-ready.

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Holy Schist! Time’s Running Out!

All of the Super-Gargantuan Guides Now in One Convenient Place!

I can see by the sweat on your brow that you’ve just realized gift-giving time is almost upon you, and you haven’t even started shopping yet. Never fear! A good book will go down a treat, it’s fast and easy to get one in time, and I’ve gotcher convenient suggestions right here. That’s right! A page completely dedicated to them, helpfully broken out by category, so you can decide at a glance which page o’ reviews is right for you, and then go select a book from it. Or, if you give up trying to guess what your giftee already has and would like to have now, just get ’em a gift card and send them the link to this page.

Image shows a cat on a ladder in a bookstore. Caption says, "Feline obedience training? That wud be ovr in fiction."

See how easy that is? Now you can wipe the sweat off, go grab your beverage of choice, and kick back for a little extra quality time for your own self.

All of the Super-Gargantuan Guides Now in One Convenient Place!

New at Rosetta Stones: Georneys with Evelyn!

I’ve put up a tribute to my Geokittehs coblogger and awesome friend Evelyn. Some of those georneys will be new for you; some like looking through old vacation photos and enjoying all the fun again. Also, there are gift ideas at the end! So if you’re still trying to figure out what to get your geologist buddies for Christmas or other gift-exchanging holidays, she’s gotcha covered on the bigger stuff. And I’ve gotcher stocking stuffers right here. No worries!

Image shows Evelyn sitting in a gravel road with a cocker spaniel/Shi Tzu mix.
Evelyn and Dingo on the Garnet Road.
New at Rosetta Stones: Georneys with Evelyn!

Cryptopod: Serpentine Butterflies

I’m pretty sure they’re butterflies, anyway. Dunno: you lot are the experts in such things:

Image shows a chunk of gray serpentinite with a bit of rust-red staining, pebbly ground, and two brown moths.
Cryptopod I

I know the rocks they’re on and around is serpentinite, which isn’t always green. At Patrick Creek, in northern California, quite a bit of it is this lovely silvery-gray sheen with fabulous colors splashed through it. Pretty amazing what rocks get up to in a subduction zone. I’ll be going in to that soon, as I have twelve trillion pictures with moths and serpentinite and so will save some for after you’ve identified our beauties.

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Cryptopod: Serpentine Butterflies

Holy Schist! It’s Almost Christmas! Getcher Gifties Nao!

Remember how you were planning to get some great geological gag gifts, hand-collected, hand-crafted, and in some cases, hand-blessed? You know how you’ve been intending to get that done, only

Image shows a wee Douglas Squirrel in a tree.

And now it’s only ten days before actual Christmas, which means time’s running out!

Image shows a cat looking shocked, with its mouth open. Caption says, "OH NOES!"

Never fear! There’s still time! There’s still plenty o’ great stuff in stock! Just look at the bounty you could have, and right in time for Christmas, too!

Image shows a variety of Gnaughty and Gneiss cards and Holy Schist, with a stocking.
Awesome geological gifties!

But hurry! Shipping time is 3-6 business days, so you gotta act fast to ensure somebody gets a little gneiss coal in their stocking, or ends up shouting “HOLY SCHIST!” in front of Grandma! Order nao!

Giving up on gifts? Going the gift card route? Get yourself a Gnaughty or Gneiss card to present it in! That way, it totes looks like you had it planned all along.

Image shows a cartoon Santa head, looking pensive. Santa's hat has a rock hammer on the white brim. Thought bubble says, "Gonna find out who's..."
Geologist Santa card cover.

There ye go. Shopping all done, gifties on their way. How easy is that?

Holy Schist! It’s Almost Christmas! Getcher Gifties Nao!