Yay, Happy Customers! Thank You!

I want to extend a heartfelt “THANK YOU THANKYOU!” to all the folks who ordered my geopunny products over the holiday season. You’re the best customers ever! B and I had a lot of fun making you wonderful stuff, and it looks like many of you had a lot of fun getting your gifties:

Moarscienceplz: “I got mine, and it is very gneiss! Even the gnaughty anthracite. However, I looked at the schist and I don’t see any holes at all. False advertising!”

MissEla: “Yay, it’s here! :)”

Johnny Vector: “My Gnaughty or Gneiss cards have already been received, signed, addressed, and sent out to my friends and family. No hunting for appropriate cards this year, yay! Christmas was SAVED! Thanks, Dana!”

Trebuchet: “Holy Schist! The Holy Schist I gave my wife made a hit. Thanks, Dana!”

Awww. You’re all teh awesome-est!

Image shows a box of holy schist with the caption, "Holy schist, I've got awesome customers! Thank you!"

There’ll be plenty of Holy Schist! in at Dana Hunter’s Gneiss Schist going forward, so if you wanted some but couldn’t get it over the holidays, you’ve still got plenty of chances! And I’ve got a whole lot more fun stuff coming up. Wait until you see what I’ve got you for Valentine’s Day. I’m going to have new things going up in the Zazzle store soon, too. If you have special requests for the types of products you want offered, please tell me! I’d love to make your wishes come true!

Again, thank you to everyone who ordered, and everyone who shared the links. You’re the reason this little venture will succeed, and I’ll always be grateful you were there from the beginning. You rock!

Yay, Happy Customers! Thank You!

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    My wife thinks her Holy Schist is very gneiss. I think I just ordered her a St. Helens calendar but it wasn’t clear if the payment (via Amazon) went through.

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