Amusing Ammunition You Can Lob at Your Conservative Family Members

Ah, yes, tis the season when many of us are forced to display some false jolly with relations and family friends who treat Fox News as the gospel truth. Normally, those conversations are terribly awkward and often infuriating. But this year, my darlings, I have got something for you that should help ease the pain.

When next your relation/relations/family friend begins a full-throated conservative cry on Things That Must Be True Because Fox News Said So, show them this shining example of Fox’s journalistic integrity.

Make them read the entire story, beginning with Fox News citing a parody Twitter account as being the official mouthpiece of the North Korean government, continuing with the reporter refusing to admit she’d been snookered, and the stunningly hilarious conclusion wherein the owner of said parody account proves it parody, and the Fox News people quietly take down the whole humiliating post and slink silently away.

Image shows the Gretawire header with a huge 404 error.
LOL. Faux News “journalism” at its finest. Screenshot thieved from Popehat.

Remind them that real journalists, when told something may be a parody, will actually determine if this is true rather than blabbering about how “Some say this is a hoax,” but “much of the sentiment in these tweets are consistent with the views.” They shouldn’t need the owner of the parody account to prove it is, indeed, a parody, to their humiliation. And once they know they’ve been suckered, they will either cheerfully or sullenly admit it in a big ol’ update on the original post rather than memory-holing the whole thing. They might even ask the person who punked them for an interview.

Faux News is not an operation that employs real journalists, so you get this hilarious fuck-up instead.

Once your relative/family friend is sputtering and borderline apoplexic, casually mention you’d expect nothing more from a news channel that doesn’t even know where Egypt is.

Image shows a screenshot from Fox News entitled "The Middle East." It shows Egypt as a country between Iran and Syria.

Then leave them steaming in their own outraged humiliation while you go have a conversation with someone whose brain has not been riddled with Faux News talking points.

Happy holidays, my darlings! See you after my brief winter break, unless something else like this comes along, in which case I shall see you a bit sooner…

Amusing Ammunition You Can Lob at Your Conservative Family Members

7 thoughts on “Amusing Ammunition You Can Lob at Your Conservative Family Members

  1. 1

    That map was probably intentional. After the Iraq war started going badly, Fox basically stopped covering it and pretended it didn’t exist.

    Meanwhile, I’m trying to decide whether to present my wife with her Holy Schist in front of my religious brother and his family….

  2. 6

    Wow. That map is…. That is amazing. I do believe I will save this one to show to certain people.

    My personal favorite Faux News story is when there was talk of Hilary Clinton and Obama having debates and someone mentioned, “Yeah, just like the Lincoln/Douglas debates.” Behind them were pictures of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. I laughed until I hurt myself.

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