Holy Schist! Order Today for Christmas!

Okay, gift givers, if you’re still shopping for Dana Hunter’s Gneiss Schist for Christmas, it’s definitely crunch time. This is the last day you can order and get guaranteed* delivery before Christmas.

The very last day!

Image is a black poster with the British crown and the words, "Ok now it's time to freak out."

So if you want to get one or two of these fine, cat-approved items

Image shows Misha lying beside a selection of Gnaughty and Gneiss cards and Holy Schist. There's a stocking full of Holy Schist hanging on the bookshelves behind her.

…then get your order in by 8pm Pacific time today!

Want to make extra-sure you’ll get all your gifties and still have plenty of time to wrap? You can! Order 3 or more items, and you’ll get a free upgrade to Priority Mail. That’ll getcher stuff to ye within 2-4 days, giving you a little more time to get it stocking-ready.

Act now!

Image shows a blurry running cat. Caption says, "LOL I so fst I jst a bluur."

*As long as the Post Office gets the job done within their quoted shipping times. Please contact me at [email protected] if your package doesn’t arrive in time so I can track it and get the issue resolved. If your package shows it wasn’t delivered, I’ll refund your order.

Holy Schist! Order Today for Christmas!
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3 thoughts on “Holy Schist! Order Today for Christmas!

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    My Gnaughty or Gneiss cards have already been received, signed, addressed, and sent out to my friends and family. No hunting for appropriate cards this year, yay! Christmas was SAVED! Thanks, Dana!

    Although I really sent them only to those who I thought would appreciate ’em. Which, I’m happy to say, is most of my friends and all of my family. (Growing up in Flagstaff, all our friends were either astronomers or geologists, so I had a head start on that.)

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