The Dragon’s Shadow

We don’t tend to get very much sunshine here in winter, but when some does peek through the clouds, it sometimes does wonderful things to my various and sundry doodads. Here it is making my already awesome dragon magnificent:

Image shows a pewter dragon casting its shadow on the wall. It's holding a crystal ball, which is reflecting little sparks of light all over the wall.
Note the flecks of light reflecting off its globe.

Yes, that’s amethyst it’s glued to. One day, when it’s freshly washed, I’ll even show you it better. For now, enjoy the sharpness of its shadow.

Image shows the dragon from a slightly different angle. The outer part of the shadow is blurry, the inner very bright and crisp.
A better view of the shadow. How crisp is that?!

This is one of my favorite things ever in my life. I splurged on it in an airport back when I was a teenager. I could afford it only because it’s missing gems on one of its wings. I didn’t care: it was the most excellent dragon I’d ever seen, and it has been in my room ever since, no matter where I’ve lived, reminding me of the epic worlds humans can create.

I’ve got dragons to manage this weekend. I won’t say slain, cuz I like dragons and don’t think they deserve to die. But they stand for hard work and difficult tasks well enough, so that’s me: dragon manager. I’ve got a maclargehuge book about creationists I’m reading, lotsa posts I’m trying to get finished, and an article to pitch. Also, speaking of sunshine, we’re in for a rare bit, so B and I are going to try to get up to the top of Lord Hill so we can get you some astounding pictures of snow-capped mountains. Like, almost all of them. You can see both the Olympics and the Cascades from up there. This could go very badly for me, as most of my time at home doesn’t involve exercise, but being a cat mattress.

Image shows Misha laying in my lap, looking back at me. In the foreground is my hand holding her tail.
Taking my life in my hands here.

It’s winter. She thinks she’s freezing. So the only exercise I get these days is when I pester her into attacking me. She’s a very unhappy kiddo if she doesn’t get a battle at least once or twice a week, so pestering is part of my job description. It’s a dangerous task. She’s still pretty fast for a twenty year-old.

What’s keeping you occupied this weekend, my darlings? Any interesting dragons to manage or cats to serve/annoy?

The Dragon’s Shadow

12 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Shadow

  1. 2

    Dragons? Nah, just adventures in geezerdom. My day included a follow-up appointment after laser surgery to correct a weak spot in my retina, followed by a visit to the audiologist, confirming that I do indeed need hearing aids. These interventions will insure that I will continue to be able to see and hear those damn kids on my lawn.

  2. 3

    I have some calligraphy above my computer. It reads: “Every day the knight goes out to fight the dragon. And sometimes the dragon wins.”

    What’s keeping you occupied this weekend, my darlings? Any interesting dragons to manage or cats to serve/annoy?

    Today the wife and I finished our Christmas shopping. Then we treated ourselves to lunch. The BBQ ribs and grilled zucchini were good, the green beans, while crisp, were almost flavorless. Then we went home and put up the Christmas tree. I made borscht for supper.

  3. rq

    The cats. Oh, the cats. OriginalCat gave me heart palpitations, as he went outside Friday night (ignoring the high winds and the weatherwatch storm warnings) and stayed outside until late Saturday night, despite several attempts to convince him to come back inside. KittenCat, meanwhile, has decided that my typing arms are suitable wrestling opponents when she’s lying in my lap and I’m trying to type. It’s hard to do, with a clawful and teething KittenCat attached to your wrists.
    And then there was work and christmas spice cookies.

  4. 10

    ZOMG, just wait until she’s older! The biting (may) stop, but watch her pull a Misha and decide to lay on your arms while you’re typing! Cute, but really REALLY difficult to work through…

  5. rq

    I hope she stops, especially if our cat population doubles (as possibly expected). Perhaps if she inherits a cat similar to her in age but far more willing to play than OriginalCat, she can use me merely as a sleeping pad (which I don’t mind) and do the scratchy bitey stuff with her fellow feline.
    It’ll probably all work out backwards, though.

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