New at Dana Hunter’s Gneiss Schist! Guaranteed Garnets! Cards On Sale!

B and I found some beautiful garnets when we were breaking up some chunks of garnet mica schist. I’ve chosen out the best of the best, and they’re up on Etsy for ye. These are perfect little gifts for anyone who loves rocks, puns, garnets, shiny glittery things, or is a Capricorn or Aquarius. No, I’m serious about that last one. Garnet is the January birthstone.

Image is a macro of a small piece of garnet mica schist with tiny, red-orange garnets speckling it.
Lovely little garnets! In Holy Schist!

Look! They’ll make the perfect stocking stuffers.

Image shows a white velvet stocking with a red top hanging against a green background. An open box with a piece of garnet schist is on its toe.
Here’s a little tableau for Christmas.

Yes, I made a mini-stocking for display purposes. This is why I keep scraps around the house. I still haven’t got a sewing machine, but once I do, I’ll be happy to make ya’ll some lovely custom stockings of your own for next year. Or other things.

Returning our focus to this year: there’s plenty of lovely garnet schist for ye, and of course there’s our Gnaughty and Gneiss rock sample cards.

Image shows one of the Gnaughty and Gneiss cards with the stocking.
Okay, so the stocking’s too small to fit the cards, but you get the point – great stocking stuffer!

If you need to mail them to other folk, now’s the time to order. Act now and all that!

Speaking of acting now, Zazzle’s having a second Cyber Monday sale, which means you can get Gnaughty or Gneiss greeting cards at 50% off. Use the code CYBERTAKETWO when you check out.

Image is a photo of a lump of coal and a piece of gneiss. They've been filtered as a watercolor. Caption says, "Gnaughty or gneiss."
Card Interior.

Even if you’re not planning on getting any of these incredibly awesome products yourselves, you can enjoy these lovely pictures. And please do share this post around! The more folks get to see the punny possibilities for gifting, the merrier this holiday season could be.

New at Dana Hunter’s Gneiss Schist! Guaranteed Garnets! Cards On Sale!