Avec le Chat

Owning a Samsung Galaxy S3 tablet with a camera has given me many more opportunities for photographing my cat. Considering she is elderly, I photograph her a lot. If you follow me on G+, you already know I post a huge number of photos of her there, and people seem to enjoy them, so I’m encouraged to continue.

I know that when she goes, I’ll be looking back at them, probably blubbering a lot and showing them to anyone I can collar for a few seconds. This, especially, is one that I’ll cherish, and stuff in people’s faces to show that, whilst ye wee beastie was a homicidal fiend, she was also my sweet little girl.

Image shows our heads. I'm grinning at Misha, who's looking back at me.
Moi with Misha. That pillow she’s on is right beside me, and it’s where she loves to be. At least until I start taking silly photos of us.

She gets very put out with me and my photography, sometimes, but she’ll usually tolerate it for a few minutes before she gets annoyed or bored or decides to ruin the shot by not doing the desperately-cute thing she was doing only seconds before. This time, she patiently let me use her as a cushion while I took several shots, then decided I was too much of an annoying freak and left. Not for long, of course. Her old bones love that pillow too much to abandon it for long. And she’ll come back, settle in, and purr so loudly I can sometimes hear her over the fan. Occasionally, she’ll snore, and it’s the cutest damned thing in the universe.

I adore that silly felid.

She’s finally starting to accept B as an occasional member of the household, as well as dispenser of treats and attention. I’m hoping we’ll have some adorable kitty cuddle photos with them this winter.

Avec le Chat
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    It gets a little scarey when you have an older cat. Mine is about 17-18 years old and she is set in her ways. I’m going to have to start taking pictures as well.

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