Dalek Family Robinson

Ordinarily, I roll my eyes at those “I have a spouse anna baby anna dog and and and LOOKIT MY FAMILY DAMN IT!” decals. Fair warning to friends: if you come over to show those off, be ready for my patented Southern charm-school “thaaat’s niiice” response. But I promise to squeal like an overly-excited geek if you drive over with something like this:

Image shows a set of Daleks standing for a dad, mom, and three kids. Females have a little pink bow atop their armor. K-9 stands for their dog.
Meet the Daleks

I don’t know this family, but I love them. I might even babysit their children, as long as there’s classic Doctor Who involved.

Dalek Family Robinson

10 thoughts on “Dalek Family Robinson

  1. 1

    A year or so ago I pulled up at the lights behind an SUV with a Star Wars themed family decal – robots, wookie, Leia, Han, Luke, Obi-Wan etc wielding the requisite lightsabers and blasters. Loved it.

  2. rq

    Ugh. I hate all decals. With a passion.
    Why? Why must you*? Even with the daleks, I don’t care. Baby on board? That’s mostly a warning for other drivers that here is someone extremely short on sleep and patience at the wheel, so keep away. The decals? Sorry, I just hate ’em.

    * General ‘you’, not you.

  3. 5

    Well I like the decals. Except for the pink ribbons. When did you last see a gendered dalek?

    I also have a TARDIS door on my garden shed.


    I hope they have a single-story house.

    Daleks have been doing stairs for quite a long while now. At least since Doctor #7. Do try to keep up.

  4. rq

    I probaly should have been more specific – I hate the family decals in whatever shape or form. I’m a huge fan of marine life, such as Darwin- and cuttlefish.
    Looks like I can’t communicate when emotionally stressed. :P ;)

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