All Up in Our Bidness

B and I got together tonight to start making fun things with rocks, which will stock our future emporium (in time for holiday shopping, even!). Of course, when your factory is also your apartment, you have to contend with a certain kind of oversight.

Misha is lying on the cardboard we've set on the floor, looking toward the brushes, acrylic, and package of paint pots we've set out.
Misha is prepared to make sure we don’t fuck this up.

You’ll be happy to know that all of our work will be thoroughly inspected by our feline forewoman, beginning with the materials we use to make the rocks shiny.

Misha is still on the cardboard, sniffing the brushes in the cup.
These brushes had better be up to code, young humans.

We got quite a few rock magnets made. I’ll have photos for you once the glue’s cured. These are a bunch of different beach rocks from the Rosario Head area, some of which I can even identify. There’s a couple of ribbon chert, and a divine little serpentinite one, among others which are more difficult to pin down. All of them are quite pretty, though, hand-chosen for interesting patterns and lovely colors. We put a coat of acrylic gloss on them to make them look like they’ve just gotten wet in the waves, which brings out all the nuance. So they’ll basically look like a bit of beach freshly picked up.

We’ll be doing others, too. I’ve got some orthogneiss, and a few other interesting beach rocks (including some gorgeous little basalt cobbles), and serpentinite that’s never seen a beach, and garnet mica schist that I will probably make into holy schist as soon as I get my ordination certificate from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Holy schist magnets, people. Tell me someone’s gonna want those!

I should have the Etsy store set up soonish. We’ll have limited stock, at first, but with luck, there’ll be a good response, and it will grow. We’ll also be setting up with a place like Zazzle so we can do cards and bags and shirts, that sort of thing. If there are any particular photos you see around the site that you want made available on items, please do let me know.

And for those who are allergic to cats, I promise to keep the cat hair off of the homemade merchandise. Despite her best efforts.

All Up in Our Bidness
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7 thoughts on “All Up in Our Bidness

  1. 2

    Indeed, the feline overlords require obeisance. And scritches…lots of chin scritches. I have recently started working from home (in addition to my full time job, yay for less sleep) and Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Smug, Pixel, knows….knows I tell you, uncannily, when I am deep in work and trying to focus on something. That’s when she jumps on the desk, and turns the cute up to 11.

    …and it works every time. :)

  2. rq

    My cat(s) don’t supervise shit. They’re top-notch managers, in that they suck up my attention, curl up in my lap, and waste my time with pointless purring and cuddles, and afterward look at me in accusation, no doubt saying to themselves, “Hoomannn, you had shit to do, and you ain’t done it, now where’s mah kibble???”
    But you know… kittens… fluffy cats… eh. I’ll take it.

  3. rq

    Hey, otrame! I’d like to take a moment to apologize for being overly sensitive about some of your word choices a while back. It’s not much excuse, but it’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for a while (swift decline in the long-term illness of a family member followed by three deaths in the family of varying relational degrees can do that) and I think I was looking for someplace to vent frustrations at the universe, not at you particularly. So, I’m sorry about that. I’m determined to be more careful in the future.

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