The Joye of Sepsis

Greetings from my hospital prison! Turns out this wretched little illness wasn’t just a kidney infection. No, the little bastard bacteria escaped into my bloodstream, after pretending they’d gone. I went to urgent care, and they pumped me so full of fluids I nearly popped, topped me off with antibiotics, and shipped me over to the hospital next door. Fun times. At least my female nurses have been unrelently awesome, my one male nurse was hawt, and all of the doctors so far rock, even though they won’t let me return to my memory foam mattress and cat.

B’s got me covered for fetching things and transport. He’ll also watch over my very upset felid. If all goes well, I’ll be going home tomorrow sometime. Probably will not be back to full Dana for a few days, though. Sepsis is srs bidness. However, I already feel miles better and am happily sucking down fluids, so I’m hoping recovery won’t take forever.

We shall see…

Thanks for your patience and well-wishes!

Gray kitten in scrubs walking toward right, caption says, "Dr. Tinycat to the OR, STAT!"







The Joye of Sepsis
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13 thoughts on “The Joye of Sepsis

  1. 1

    So sorry to find out you are in the hospital. We ‘ll miss you, but it’s more important for you to take care of your self. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  2. 3

    Oh no!

    I was wondering, and considering prodding you sharply to get to the doctor stat, because my own past raging kidney infection never presented with fever of any sort. So glad you are getting quality care in both medical and friendship forms, and I hope you return to better health very soon.

  3. 4

    Sepsis is srs bidness.

    ‘Deed it is. Not Fun™. However, you didn’t (apparently) let it go into septic shock like I did. Septic shock has about an 85% mortality rate, said Dr CNN a few months later. Also, you are much younger than I was when did it, and I was back home on day four, so ‘sometime tomorrow’ sounds like a good estimate. Hope your hospital has reasonably comfortable bed for you.
    Be good to yourself. We”l be here caring.

  4. 5

    Oh noes!!! This is not good!

    Dana, I shall be rationally recognizing that I can’t do any good by praying, beaming positive energy, or mailing crystals with magic powers. It’s the least I can do. But if it helps, I fervently hope you feel better soon!

  5. 6

    Oh dear! Serious indeed.

    Speaking as someone who’s spent a bit of time in hospital of late I hope you’re bored out of your skull. That boredom usually means you’re on the mend and will soon be on your way home.

    Be good to those nurses, hawt or not. You see the doc for what, five minutes at time? The nurses are the ones who are going to make you better.

    I hope you have a swift and full recovery and are never in the dangerous position of being an interesting medical case.

  6. rq

    Ah, sepsis is no good, no good at all! I’m glad they filled you with various fluids and that you seem to be on the mend – hope your recovery is smooth and complication-less, with all appropriate druggage applied in a timely manner. And also what FossilFishy said regarding nurses, may their care be top notch. Rest well, and take your time, if needed! ♥

  7. 11

    Oh, yes, Dana, very serious stuff. I’m so glad you had timely medical care available, and they were so on top of things. Not dying is good; now get on with taking it easy and getting well! Just please let us have a peep from you occasionally between naps, so we don’t worry. I’m sure Her Royal Catness will be much reassured when she can supervise your recovery personally.

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