Who’d Like a Goode Olde Blacke Powder Explosion, Then?

Alas, I didn’t make it to Sunday’s festivities – Starspider put her knee out, and needed to stay off it so that we didn’t end up having to pop it back into place again on the field. People get squicky about stuff like dislocated knees. She, of course, enjoyed watching her roomie’s face as he nearly tossed his cookies helping her wrench everything back into place. She’s like that. And she’s fine, and sends her regrets. Next year!

While we wait for next year to arrive, I’ve got yer black powder guns a-firing.

Image shows the pirates from yesterday's post tamping down their black powder in their guns and getting ready to Make Noise.
Pirates prepare to plunder.

Unfortunately, the video can’t capture the ground shaking when that small cannon at the end went, but I think you’ll get the general idea. Enjoy!

That little cannon was sweet – and so loud! If you want a better look, here ye go:

Image shows a pirate bent over, tamping powder down the barrel of a small cannon on a wooden frame, while Pirate Jamie Hyneman looks on in the background.
Tamping the powder down, gonna be a big boom, yeah!

I wish I knew who these fellas were, but the website for the faire doesn’t say, and I didn’t grab a flyer. Perhaps Trebuchet knows?

I’ll have horsies and hurlers up soon, as long as no one else in the skeptical community says or does something outrageously awful in the next day or two.

Who’d Like a Goode Olde Blacke Powder Explosion, Then?

6 thoughts on “Who’d Like a Goode Olde Blacke Powder Explosion, Then?

  1. 1

    I don’t know who the pirates were, but I’ll ask the organizer. The best thing about the cannons was actually all the car alarms going off in the parking lot when they fired!

  2. 4

    Nothing like the boom of the cannons to stir the blood and lift the heart.

    I need to look up the Pirate Day celebrations in key West and check on getting my scurvy crew some time off in the proximity of salty air, generous servings of rum, and lusty wenches.

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