Nefarious Whisker

Misha’s plotting something evil. I have absolute proof of this. I mean, beside the fact she’s a cat.

Image shows Misha's face. One of her white whiskers is cocked upward, looking like the beginning of a cartoon villain's moustache.
Nefarious Whisker

See it? SEE IT??? She’s trying to grow a supervillain ‘stache!

She now has her head turned to the side in a very villainy pose.
Villainy is afoot!

My gods, she’ll be twirling it next!

Anyway. You’re getting Misha because we didn’t get sea mammals today – B wasn’t feeling well. So I stayed home and caught up on some reading and housework. Sea mammals will hopefully be in the near future.


Nefarious Whisker
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6 thoughts on “Nefarious Whisker

  1. 1

    Destroy the world? Nonsense! If she destroys the world, who will open her cans for her? Will there even be any cans to open? Cats are much too sensible for that.

    Control the world and all the minions thereon? Now you’re thinking like a cat!

  2. 5

    My parents’ new cat (she moved in a couple of months ago, no idea where she came from) has learned how to make Dad’s mobility chair move without him being in the chair. Soon, they will take over the world…

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