Ha Ha Ha Whoops. Also: Help Me Keep an Eye on Creationists

I’ve had myself so buried in Christianist textbooks, frantically trying to get this talk pulled together, when I wasn’t compulsively reading about the awful things police in Ferguson are up to now, I haven’t thought to keep an eye on my email… and it turns out that due to unforeseen circumstances, FtBCon’s postponed anyway. We’ll be trying again in a few months. So what does this mean? It means you’ll still get a talk on Why Geology Matters – To Creationists, only it will be a much better talk, because I’ll actually have gotten through these books. Well, at least through all the geology bits of the books. Ye gods, it takes ages to fact-check and debunk this stuff now that we’re in to the portions of Earth science Christianists love to hate.

Image shows an orange kitten sitting in a terra cotta pot, with one paw over an eye. Caption says, "Whew! Close Call!"

Thank you, all of you who helped me calculate mammoth populations! You’re amazing. You’ll also love the resulting post, although it’ll take a while before it comes up in the queue – trying to do this stuff in order.

Now I’m going to ask you all now to do me another favor: over the next few months, would you keep an eye out for any news about creationists and geology? It can be things like creationists infiltrating the American Geophysical Union or Geological Society of America meetings (again), creationists trying to sneak “Flood geology” in or fighting earth science standards, creationists trying to pull the wool over journal editors’ eyes and attempting to slip religion in to science publications, anything like that. You can send tips to dhunterauthor at gmail.

Some of you who are interested may want to join me for a private dry-run of said talk when it’s finished – if you’d like to help me not suck in public, and be one of the elite, exclusive ETEVers who gets to hear it first, let me know. We’ll set up a Google Hangout and do the thing when I’ve got it all written. And, if there’s room on the schedule and you’d be interested in joining me for a panel on Women in the Geosciences, also let me know that.

But wait! There’s More!

For the next few days, I’m preparing the Adventures in Christianist Earth Science Education series relaunch, and also hating my uterus, and going to go photograph All The Sea Mammals for your squees and enjoyment. I’ll also have a social justice post up on our fucked-up police state and ways you can help soon. And there’ll be a little something over at Rosetta Stones eventually this week. I have a super-awesome geology comic book I was sent that I’m going to review for you, probably early next week. People, you have no idea how excited I am about it! But you will know. I’ll also be reviewing a book I read the other morning that will give you a whole other look at the Christianist homeschool life. It’s called Homeschool Sex Machine: Babes, Bible Quiz, and the Clinton Years

. And yes, it’s as whacked as it sounds.

Also, YES I AM WRITING A BOOK ON MOUNT ST. HELENS I PROMISE. I know you won’t stop asking, and it makes me happy you don’t, but I figured I’d better reassure you. I’ll be jumping back into that series shortly as well. And yes, finishing the Seattle Seahawks rings. SO MANY THINGS TO DO.

There will also be a post coming soon on that awesome bird at Mount Rainier, and muchmuch more. Good times ahead! Now if you’ll excuse me for just a bit, I need to lose the last of my hair to the geology chapters in ES4 and continue arguing with my uterus over paying attention to the pain relievers I’m feeding it…

Ha Ha Ha Whoops. Also: Help Me Keep an Eye on Creationists
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8 thoughts on “Ha Ha Ha Whoops. Also: Help Me Keep an Eye on Creationists

  1. 3

    I’m willing to do the Google hangout thing. I do have a G+ account but know nothing about hangouts so may need some guidance.

    Also, and off-topic, the annual Snohomish Pumpkin Hurl and Medieval Faire is coming right up on September 13 and 14. Pumpkins flying to their doom! Armored knights! FEMALE armored knights. And HORSIES! You, B, and any other Seattle area fans are most cordially invited to come see my new machine. I’ll drop you an e-mail as well.

  2. rq

    How did I miss the note on the Google Hangout?
    The only minor problem being timezones, I’d LOVE to do this! Subject to scheduling, of course.

    You make the pumpkin hurl sound like the best possible thing ever, and it makes me sad that I am not in that part of the world. :) I’ll be expecting excellent results from you (you are participating, right?) and a slew of awesome photos from Dana (hope she can make it?)!

  3. 6

    I don’t know anything about Google hangouts, either. I’d be interested, though, depending on timing. School starts soon, and things will be getting interesting. I have a non-school related event this weekend (no horses or pumpkins involved, I’m afraid), then meetings and training as we gear up for the start of school. Why do the summers go by so quickly?

  4. 7

    It’s the best thing ever for a certain rather small subset of the population, which includes me! I will rate my results as “excellent” if my brand new and totally different machine even manages to throw forward!

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