Yes, There’s a New Theme. No, It’s Not Perfect Yet

Things look different today, yes. Thank our tech guy that nothing seems to have gone missing, and that the thing actually functions.

For those of you who like the see the most recent posts on the themes that interest you most, this new design should work wonderfully.

Yes, it could function better. Yes, you can tell us what you love, and hate, what works for you and what’s horribly broken, and what improvements you’d like to see. Here’s the link to report tech issues. Use it to report all your wants and needs. You can report them to me, but I may be too busy howling my lungs out over the fact I can’t simply click a button on the main page to see our blogs neatly listed with their most recent posts to hear you. So I’d suggest rather than leaving a comment here and hoping I’ll remember to pass it along, you use the tech support link.

I’m going to go back to demanding a more versatile front page now. Among other things…

Yes, There’s a New Theme. No, It’s Not Perfect Yet

8 thoughts on “Yes, There’s a New Theme. No, It’s Not Perfect Yet

  1. rq

    I thought all comments were lost, but it seems that they simply followed along a bit later.
    Trying to get used to the new look. Where’s my cheese?

  2. 3

    Replying just to see if threaded comments are still with us….

    Having the main page sorted by subject instead of by blog is going to take some getting used to. Of course, the blogs are all listed in the sidebar but I kind of liked being able to see the latest comment for each blog on the main page.

  3. 4

    Ah so this is where I go to flail helplessly because change everything is different why do things have to change I do not like it noooo change is bad stop changing yes they said this would happen like a really long time ago and also yesterday so I had plenty of time to prepare but still it is different now and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Thanks, I feel better. Just a little bit though. See: aforementioned befuddlement in the face of new things.

  4. 8

    I’ve given it a couple of days and have come to a conclusion: The new front page really sucks. The same few posts show up over and over, depending on tags applied by the blogger, and everyone else is lost. Bring back organization by blog instead of topic, please.

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