Amanda’s Facebook Photography Page is Up!

My friend and photographer Amanda Reese created a Facebook page – if you love pretty pictures, go show her some love!

Image is a selfie of Amanda, who has a beautiful bird painted on her face.
Amanda Reese. Image courtesy Amanda Reese.

While you’re there, feel free to demand endless pictures of her adorable tiny new kitten, Chipper.

Image shows me holding a tiny, long-haired black kitten who is getting ready to lick my nose.
Chipper likes noses. Image courtesy Starspider, kitten courtesy Amanda Reese.

There’s never enough kitten!

Image shows Chipper standing on B's shoulder.
She also likes climbing people. Image courtesy Starspider.

There will be some geology later this summer, too – I’m going to take Amanda to photograph the hell out of some prime examples. Although if I go over to her place to pick her up, we may get sucked into a kitten black hole… you’d forgive us if we brought you lots of kitten instead, right?

Amanda’s Facebook Photography Page is Up!

5 thoughts on “Amanda’s Facebook Photography Page is Up!

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    Two Dana posts in two days! I’m thrilled. And an adorable kitty! Much more adorable than the one mewing in my ear at 5:pp this morning!

    Did you know rq is in Canada?

  2. 3

    @F: If you haven’t done so, follow Dana’s first link. No BookFace required. Click on “Sessions”, then “animals”. Also click on “projects”. Heck, click on everything.

    Chipper looks a bit like he may be a Maine Coon. If so, he’ll be a big boy.

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