Spring Break

Lessee… Behind in research, writing, communication, housecleaning, and catching B up on Doctor Who. I’m afraid that means it’s time for

Image shows an alligator  leaping from a river. Caption says, "Spring break!"

I hate to do it, but I’ve gotta take the week off to catch up. I may pop in with a bit here and there, because I’ll miss you. But expect light fare, until I return bearing the meatiest posts I can muster.

See you soon, my darlings!


Spring Break
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5 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. rq

    No fair. Spring break should mean I get a break, and you keep supplying me with things with which to enjoy my break.
    But anyhow, since you seem to have already made your decision, go out and enjoy yourself – may your break be productive and relaxing! I’ll miss you while you’re off gallivanting through all those research papers. Hope you get a chance to enjoy some lovely outdoor weather, too!

  2. 4

    Spring break? That’s a crock! Er…croc.

    Catching B up on Doctor Who is, of course, very important. I’m just about to turn my garden shed into a TARDIS.

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