Ah, So That’s the Purpose of a Baby!

I suspect this isn’t far off from how cats actually view us:

Image shows a baby sleeping on its side, with a cat sleeping behind it, cuddling it. Caption reads, "Brand new can opener"

This about did me in, I’ll admit. I’m not one for thinking of babies as cute all that often, but this is just outrageously adorable, and then the caption just makes it perfect. Bravo, person who created this lolcat! Well done.

Ah, So That’s the Purpose of a Baby!
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7 thoughts on “Ah, So That’s the Purpose of a Baby!

  1. 4

    Let’s see:
    Mewling noises: Check
    Have to clean up their poop? Check
    Demanding food at all hours? Check
    Serving no useful purpose beyond looking adorable? Check

    How can you tell which is which?

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