Keeping Up With the Creationists Issue I, Vol. 4: College Sexual Assault Scandal Edition

I think we like to think that what happens inside of fundamentalist subcultures doesn’t really matter to the wider world. But there are people trapped, suffering, inside, and they need folks to pay attention, raise a fuss, shine a light so that they can achieve some measure of justice, and so that other people never become victims at all.

Bob Jones University needs a lot of public condemnation right now. They started out trying to appear they were doing the right thing, and hired an independent group to investigate the way they handle sexual assault reports on their campus. But when it became clear they wouldn’t be able to keep on keeping on as they have been, and whitewash the problems, they fired GRACE. Our own Libby Anne, who will always be ours although Patheos stole her, reports on their nefarious assholery, and there’s a scorching open letter to BJU you really shouldn’t miss. As for BJU trying to play the “Other people fired GRACE, too!” card, keep in mind the other fundie fuckwads who fired GRACE like to have tween girls who’ve been repeatedly sexually assaulted by 60 year-old men confess to adultery. For being assaulted. Yep.

Image is the Bob Jones University sign, with "School of Accountability Avoidance" added under the name.
There, I fixed your sign for you.

And you know Patrick Henry College, the place founded by the head of the Home School Legal Defense Association and meant to train homeschool kiddies how to infiltrate every aspect of our culture in order to turn it to their appalling version of God? Yeah, they’ve got a huge problem with sexual assault on their campus, too. You’ll be happy to know, though, it’s never the dude’s fault. It’s all those slutty-sluts who wear clothes that reveal a trace of collarbone and let themselves get drugged unconscious. We know this because the dean sez God will keep girls conscious to bear witness to the abuse against them if it’s really-real rape.

Excuse me while I go tamp down the overwhelming urge to raze Patrick Henry College to the ground, and send its faculty and staff to prison for life.

Let’s move on to the less rage-inducing stuff.

If you need a really good, righteous smackdown followed by a hilarious own goal, check out Jonny’s article in the New Statesman, and Christian Education Europe’s ridiculous response. I feel like asking that poor jackass representing CEE if he needs us to take up a collection to replace the rope he hung his organization with. I appreciate his so carefully proving Jonny’s point, though!

Did you know it was the Crystal Anniversary of the Wedge Document? For those of you who don’t know what that document is, it’s basically Intelligent Design’s cunning plan for overthrowing science. It’s all going great – except where Intelligent Design got smoked out as religion-not-science by the courts and how all that science they thought they would lead off with never happened because religion-not-science. On this anniversary, it pays to remember that these folks are dirty scheming rat-fuckers, and plan accordingly.

Speaking of scheming rat-fuckers, let’s see how they’re doing. Hmm. Not too good! South Dakota’s intelligent design bill got killed. So did Dickie Bell’s Virginia bill, which died of neglect. In South Carolina, a brief kerfluffle caused by a bloody ignorant senator has resolved with strong science standards being left in place – Senator Fair apparently learned that spouting creationist bullshit about Darwin in public makes you look like Ken Ham. Alas, the forces of enforced idiocy are still busy trying to undermine science education in Missouri and Oklahoma. You really need to read the statements by the bullshit artists advocating them: you can see where good Christian indoctrination leads.

The battle, then, continues to rage. And we aren’t going to win it by letting science guy’s debate ignoramuses. However, it can be helpful, and also cathartic, to thoroughly demolish their foolishness, as our own Avicenna has done to Todd Friel’s ridiculous bullshit. For added amusement, watch frothing fundie Rev. Mark Creech scream “BLASPHEMY!!!” at Pat Robertson. Who brought the popcorn this time?

And, finally, a critically important point: as noisy as they are, it’s not just fundie religion that’s got issues with evolution. The problem runs much, much deeper. Let’s not forget.

Keeping Up With the Creationists Issue I, Vol. 4: College Sexual Assault Scandal Edition
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6 thoughts on “Keeping Up With the Creationists Issue I, Vol. 4: College Sexual Assault Scandal Edition

  1. rq

    This just made me sick.

    God will keep girls conscious to bear witness to the abuse against them

    Really? Really? REALLY???
    So if you dint see it happen, it never happened. That whole bit about trees in the forest… What about God appearing before those men about to assault women and girls, complete with fire-and-brimstone flaming halo and glowing spear of light? What about speaking to them in that godly voice-from-a-burning-bush and explaining a few things about bearing witness (because god is always watching)? Oh right. Their god doesn’t give a shit.


    scheming rat-fuckers

    Please, Dana, please think of the rats. Much maligned throughout history, they do have a strong sense of community values, probably far more than the people you speak of in this post.

    Sometimes I’m ashamed of the human race, and of being a part of it.

  2. 3

    Our own Libby Anne… reports on their nefarious assholery, …

    That link goes to a report from another Patheos blogger named John Shore (who, while no Libby Anne, does as well by the situation as any Christian could be expected to).

    Libby Anne does have a report on Bee Jay U, and another on Patrick Henry College, plus more (not linked to try to avoid the dreaded FtB spam filter) on abuse of women & children in the hyperchristian subculture. Oh, and some happy posts too, thank the IPU!

  3. 4

    Evolution is not taught in the Bible so it shouldn’t be taught in the class.

    Swell. Using that criterion, we can pretty much cancel all science classes, math classes, and civics classes (there’s no democracy in the Bible). Combine that with taking away the lunches of kids who failed to pay and we can save a whole lot of tax dollars for the Koch brothers and Sam Walton’s children. Sounds like a win – win – win for the Tea Party!

  4. 5

    there’s a scorching open letter to BJU you really shouldn’t miss.

    Unfortunately I do have to miss the letter because Facebook insists I create an FB account to read it. Nope, don’t do Facebook, not even to read a “shouldn’t miss” letter.

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