Moon Art Madness

Gotta love the Moon, right? Big ol’ lighty-uppy thing makes the nights all pretty, has got lots of rocks on. Lovely. And with modern cameras and software, you can create moon art with the press of a few buttons.

I play with photo editing programs sometimes just to see what happens.

Image shows a crescent moon with many crows flying past it.
Crows of the Moon.

This is just yer basic crop and adjust a few highlights and suchlike. I love the time just after sundown round here, when the crows stream past on their way to their evening confab on the ball fields before they go roost for the night.

Black and white image of a full moon, with bare branches rising from the lower-right.
Stark Moon

Playing round with the black-white filters in Windows Live Photo Gallery gives me some very beautifully bleak results sometimes.

Image is a blue-black sky with a bright near-full moon. The maria of the moon are swirled.
Swirled Moon

There’s a little function in Corel that allows me to do swirls. This leads to interesting results with the moon’s maria.

Image is a tan background with a blue moon and white tree branches.
Paper Moon

I don’t remember all the effects I chose to get this, but I quite liked it when I was done and wish I could remember how it was done. Ah, well, play with enough settings in Corel, and you’ll figure it out if you want to make your own.

A kaleidoscope image created from a moon photo
Kaleidoscope Moon

I chose the kaleidoscope function on a daytime image of the moon in a blue sky with a bare apple tree, and got this. Pretty neat.

Image is a blue-tinted picture of embossed-looking tree branches and a half-moon.
Old Time Moon

This is the result of running through the charcoal filter, then the cyanotype photo filter, then adjusting highlights and contrast.

Image is the full moon on with blued maria on a mottled blue background.
Blued Moon

This image was really boring in its natural state – the moon behind a lot of thin clouds, kinda blah. But put it through the charcoal and cross-process filters, and you come up with something that’s quite a bit more interesting. Some of those maria now look like they’re holding deep-cyan blue pools of water! Shall we go sip a cocktail on their beaches?

Moon Art Madness

6 thoughts on “Moon Art Madness

  1. rq

    Pretty! “Stark Moon” is my favourite. With “Blued Moon” a close second.
    (Isn’t the moon a bit chilly for beach-lounging and cocktails…?)

  2. 6

    OK, I take it all back. It’s clear tonight and there are lovely twinkly things in the sky. And Jupiter, which is too awesome to twinkle.

    Great pix, Dana!

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